Hampshire County Council

East Hampshire Highway Management Advisory Panel

3 October 2002

Panel Constitution and Purpose

Report of the County Surveyor

Item 4

Contact: Colin Taylor, tel 01730 266411

1. On 28 March 2002 the County Council approved the following terms of reference for each of the Highway Management Advisory Panels:

2. Membership of the Panel consists of all the County Councillors within the District, together with an equal number of District Councillors. With respect to East Hampshire there are six County Councillors and there will be therefore six District Councillors. The Chairman of the Panel is Councillor West. Councillor Estlin, the Executive Member for Environment, is also a Member of the Panel.

3. It is anticipated that the Panel will meet twice per year in approximately autumn and spring to receive reports as detailed in paragraph 1.


That the report be noted.

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