Hampshire County Council

East Hampshire Highway Management Advisory Panel

3 October 2002

Traffic Management Programmes 2002/03

Report of the County Surveyor

Item 9

Contact: Peter Bayless, ext 6882

1. Summary

1.1 This report covers the main programmes of Traffic Management work in the East Hampshire area. These are the revenue funded Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) and signing schemes and also the capital funded Rural Traffic Calming schemes in partnership with Parish Councils.

2. Traffic Regulation Orders and Signing Schemes

2.1 Traffic management issues are raised in a number of ways, usually by Parish Councils, local District or County Members or the public. Occasionally attention is drawn by the Police to traffic congestion or parking problems. These issues are prioritised and investigated, which may result in schemes being proposed for inclusion in the programme. The current list of potential schemes for the 2002/03 programme in the East Hampshire area is shown on Appendix 1.

2.2 This programme is provisional at this stage, with scope to include additional schemes which may arise as a high priority. Schemes already in the programme may slip, be modified or deleted as consultations progress and where the advertising procedure for TROs gives rise to objections.

3. Parish Partnership Programme

3.1 This programme was established in 1999/00 in response to representations from a number of Parish Councils who were concerned about traffic speed in villages and wished to see traffic calming schemes implemented. Since these were not a high priority for the County Council's capital programme and legislation in 1997 had specifically enabled Parish Councils to contribute to such a scheme, a partnership approach was adopted whereby if a Parish Council was prepared to allocate funds to a scheme these would be matched by the County Council. County officers would also advise on the technical details and the design as part of the County Council's contribution.

3.2 The programme has generated a great deal of interest and over 70 schemes have so far been included in the programme. Staff resources have been increased to meet this commitment and the County Council's term consultants, Atkins, are now involved in developing these schemes in consultation with Parish Councils. The schemes currently in progress in the East Hampshire area are shown on Appendix 2.


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