Hampshire County Council

Winchester Movement and Access Plan
Joint Members' Panel

23 October 2002

Jewry Street/City Road Improvement Scheme

Report of the County Surveyor and Director of
Development Services (Winchester City Council)

Item 11

Contact: Nick Richardson, ext 5429

1. Summary

1.1 This report outlines proposals for the Jewry Street/City Road improvement scheme within the Winchester Movement and Access Plan (WMAP). The scheme aims to extend the improvements in Jewry Street completed in 1999 to the junction with North Walls and Hyde Street and link with the Station Interchange/City Road junction scheme implemented in autumn 2002. Public consultation is expected to take place in early 2003.

2. Outline of Proposals

2.1 The improvement scheme for Jewry Street completed in October 1999 provided significant improvements through reallocating road space on this important route. The concept was developed through public involvement from the earliest stage and resulted in traffic being concentrated in one lane rather than two and greater space being given to pedestrians. The inclusion of an `over-run' strip on each side of the carriageway allows loading and unloading to maintain businesses and parking for disabled drivers. The changed nature of the street has been evident in eating establishments using the additional space available for business and the scheme has been widely acknowledged as providing significant benefits for local people and visitors.

2.2 Proposed improvements include the following:

2.3 The scheme brings into focus the setting of the buildings in Jewry Street, especially the Theatre Royal, the public library (formerly the Corn Exchange) and the Roman Catholic church. It is intended to consider urban design issues as part of the scheme, particularly in view of opportunities that could be created to integrate more effectively the spaces on either side of the library currently used for car park access and egress and to create a more unified street scene.

3. Proposed Consultation Arrangements

3.1 The completed Jewry Street scheme demonstrated the importance of public involvement. Key issues emerging from the previous consultation included the following:

3.2 It is proposed that a public exhibition be arranged to take place early in 2003 with a questionnaire and details included on the County Council's website to invite comments. The exhibition could involve the outline concepts and details of individual schemes as appropriate. The views expressed through the consultation will be reported to the Panel in due course.

4. Conclusion

4.1 A range of improvements is proposed for the remaining part of Jewry Street not covered by previous works and City Road, to connect with the Station Interchange/City Road Junction scheme. It is proposed that these will be the subject of public consultation prior to detailed design work being undertaken.


That the Executive Member for Environment be advised that the outline design be progressed and public consultation on the Jewry Street/City Road environmental traffic management proposals be undertaken.

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