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Winchester Movement and Access Plan
Joint Members' Panel

23 October 2002

Local Transport Plan - Annual Progress Report 2002

Report of the County Surveyor

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1. Summary

1.1 This report provides an update on the delivery of the Local Transport Plan (LTP) and the content of Hampshire County Council's second Annual Progress Report (APR) submitted to the Government Office for the South East (GOSE) and the Department for Transport (DfT) on 31 July 2002.

2. Background

2.1 As part of the overall LTP process the County Council has a statutory obligation under Section 108 of the Transport Act 2000 to produce an APR for the DfT. The APR is the chief mechanism for reporting back to Central Government on how the LTP is being implemented, showing progress made in working towards national and local objectives and targets. The APR also provides an opportunity to show how progress is being monitored and reports on particular achievements in delivering the LTP to residents, interest groups and other stakeholders.

3. Annual Progress Report 2002

3.1 The APR document highlights the substantial progress which has been made during 2001/02, focusing on:

3.2 The format of the document has been strongly influenced by guidance produced by Central Government, advising local authorities of the information to be included in the second APR. Much of the guidance was similar to last year's, with two key principles highlighted:

3.3 Greater importance has been placed on monitoring delivery of the programme and progress towards achieving the objectives and targets included in the LTP, together with the indicators which are used to assess this. This year's APR document has therefore been written to reflect this change of emphasis, including the identification of a set of nine core indicators in addition to the extensive county-wide and individual area strategy targets. These are being considered to identify which are the most applicable and relevant to each area's programme of schemes.

3.4 In addition to the comprehensive assessment of progress being made towards the county-wide objectives and targets, a similar approach was adopted for the Winchester Movement and Access Plan (WMAP). All indicators have been measured where possible and the opportunity taken to rationalise the information collected. The objectives are consistent across each strategy area as far as practicable. However, recognition of the diverse nature of Hampshire's urban and rural areas is acknowledged and therefore the actual targets and objectives vary from area to area to reflect this. Although it is still early in delivering the projects in the LTP, the majority of indicators are on target and monitoring will continue throughout the LTP period. The current position regarding WMAP schemes in the 2002/03 capital programme is included in the attached appendix.

3.5 Appendices produced to support the APR also include a significant amount of detail on the progress and impact of schemes in each strategy area and an indication of how each one contributes to the County Council's corporate objectives and the LTP policy areas. This helps to demonstrate the extensive and diverse programmes which are being delivered within each area and provides an assessment of their impact. The impact of schemes is being considered in formulating changes and amendments to future years' programmes, to ensure that the outputs delivered contribute to outcomes in terms of modal choice or changes in travel behaviour. The close links each project has with the County Council's corporate objectives and overall policy aims is clearly demonstrated. The benefits of each scheme often go far wider than their immediate impact and, added together, the extensive programme has a positive benefit over a wide range of areas.

3.6 In May, as part of the preparation of the second APR, key stakeholders and the general public were consulted on progress to date and how the transport strategies will be delivered until the end of the LTP period. In particular, stakeholders' views were sought on both the progress made and Hampshire's approach and these were incorporated into the APR where appropriate.

3.7 The APR also includes three bids for supplementary funding for the CIVITAS European project, bridge parapets and safety fences, and street lighting. In addition, a separate document was submitted for one major scheme seeking funding for the Integrated A3 Bus Priority Corridor.

3.8 GOSE and the DfT are now considering the APR, with a formal response expected in December. At that time the indicative allocations for funding in 2003/04 will be confirmed and comments made on the APR document itself and the progress made in delivering the capital programme.


That the Panel notes the current position regarding the Local Transport Plan and Annual Progress Report.

Section 100 D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers

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Winchester Movement and Access Plan

Capital Programme Position (October 2002)



Funding (2002/03)

Bar End Park and Ride Extension


Bushfield Park and Ride

Investigating land acquisition


Chesil Street/Bar End Road

Implementation late 2002/early 2003


Romsey Road corridor traffic management

Consultation late 2002


Stockbridge Road/Stoney Lane/Dean Lane Junctions

Completion autumn 2002


Station Interchange/City Road Junction

Completion November 2002


Badger Farm Road/Oliver's Battery Road junction - cycle crossing

Completion autumn 2002


Intelligent Transport Systems

Additional bus real- time information units and variable message signing under way


Cycle and pedestrian schemes

Under way


Safer routes to schools

Western Primary School walking improvements completed;

Westgate School traffic calming under way


Car park improvements

Pay-on-foot equipment and help points installed at Tower Street and The Brooks


Easton Lane cycle scheme/traffic management

Consultation early 2003


Jewry Street/City Road - traffic management

Consultation early 2003



Initiatives under way