Hampshire County Council

Standards Committee

Item 5

22 April 2003

Member Training

Head of Corporate and Legal Services

Contact: Jeff Pattison, ext 7321

1 Summary

The purpose of this report is to elicit Members' views on the nature of training that it is considered would be valuable, both for members of the Committee itself, and also for all other members of the County Council. The intention is for this item to stimulate a discussion, the agreed conclusions of which can then be implemented by officers.

2 Background

2.1 As Members will be fully aware, one of the key terms of reference of the Standards Committee is to promote and maintain high standards of conduct by Councillors, Co-opted Members and Church and Parent Governor representatives. It is important therefore for the Committee to determine what training would be appropriate to be provided to both members of the Standards Committee itself and to all other Members, including Co-opted Members, to fulfil this requirement. There are likely to be different requirements for the general body of Members and Co-opted Members and those Members who are serving on the Standards Committee itself. For example, all members of the Council might benefit from further training on the National Code of Conduct, whereas only Standards Committee Members might wish for training on the procedures to be followed should a complaint ever need to be heard and determined by the Standards Committee. Obviously this latter training could only be of benefit after relevant Regulations have been enacted, allowing Standards Committee to deal with complaints referred to it by the Standards Board for England.

2.2 It is now appropriate for Members to give consideration as to those areas which they themselves or other Members consider would be worthwhile and beneficial for training. At the meeting, Members will be asked for their views, comments and recommendations as to the type of training programme that it would be advantageous for the Committee to promote. At the end of the discussion, Members can then agree on those training initiatives which they consider should be pursued, together with the timescale applicable. Members are therefore asked to give some preliminary thought before the meeting as to those areas of training which they would wish to see implemented over the next year or two.

3 Recommendation

That Members agree a programme of training which they consider will promote and maintain high standards of conduct on the part of all Members, together with an appropriate timescale within which this programme should be undertaken.