Hampshire County Council

Standards Committee

Item 7

22 April 2003

Members Allowances - update

Report of the County Treasurer

Contact: Bevis Ingram, ext 7508

1. Introduction

1.1 This report addresses a number of points made at the County Council meeting on 20 February 2003, when the scheme for 2003/04 was approved.

2. Members refusing allowances

2.1 Any Member wishing to forego all or part of their allowances must state this in writing. Two members have written in to refuse allowances as follows:

3. Travel allowances - bicycles

3.1 The procedures for Members claiming allowances for journeys made by bicycles were queried a the County Council meeting.

3.2 Bicycle journeys may be claimed in the same way as car journeys and on the same form, clearly indicating that the journey was made by bicycle. The form should be submitted (as normal) to Democratic Services in the Chief Executive's department. The current rate for bicycle journeys is 8.1p per mile. The entries on the form are members responsibility as to distance travelled etc.

4. New regulations

4.1 As previously reported revised regulations Members allowances have been made. They will take effect on 1 May 2003.

4.2 The opportunity will now be taken to call a meeting of the Independent Remuneration Panel to review the implications of the regulations. This will also provide the opportunity for the Panel to give its views on other allowances, for example, special responsibility for opposition spokesmen on the Health Review Committee.


That the report be noted and a meeting of the Independent Remuneration Panel be convened as soon as possible to respond to the new Members Allowances Regulations.

Section 100 D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers

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