AT A MEETING of the RIVER HAMBLE HARBOUR ADVISORY COMMITTEE held in the Wellington Room, The Castle, Winchester on Monday 9 June 2003.


Hampshire County Council

Councillor K.B. Estlin (Chairman)

Fareham Borough Council

Councillor T.M. Cartwright (Warsash Ward)

Councillor D.C. Swanbrow (Sarisbury and Titchfield Common)

River Hamble Mooring Holders' Association

Mr P. Middleton

River Hamble Berth Holders' Association

Mr H. Knight

River Hamble Boatyard and Marina Operators' Association

Mr C.E. Moody

The Crown Estate

Mr N.R. Jacobson

Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust for Maritime Archaeology

Ms J.S. Satchell

Association of River Hamble Yacht Clubs

Mr J.H.R. Selby

Royal Yachting Association

Mr L.M. Garner

Hamble-le-Rice Parish Council

Councillor R. Elliston

Southern Sea Fisheries District Committee

Mr P. Hill

Hampshire Constabulary Marine Unit

Sgt. A. Simpson

The following were in attendance:

Councillor J.V. Bryant - Hampshire County Council

Councillor K. House - Hampshire County Council

M. Denton-Thompson - Assistant Director of Environment

A. Thorne - County Treasurer's Department

T. Clatworthy - Acting Harbour Master

Capt. M. Capon - Designated Person - Port Marine Safety Code

A.R. Knight - Chief Executive's Department

Mrs S. Eighteen - Environment Department


The Minutes of the meeting held on 29 November 2002 were agreed as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.


The Chairman reported that Captain Exley was still on sick leave and that Mr Clatworthy was now Acting Harbour Master.


The Committee considered the report of the Harbour Master (Item 2 in the Minute Book) summarising events and activities on the River from December 2002 until May 2003.

The Acting Harbour Master reported on several recent incidents on the River and drew attention to a fault in the engines on the Harbour patrol boats. These faults would be rectified under the three year warranty and arrangements had been put in hand to ensure adequate patrolling of the River would continue. Mr H. Knight questioned the efficiency of gas compared with diesel fuelling of vessels in use by the Harbour Authority. He was advised that the vessels were not gas powered and the
efficiency of petrol engines would be considered for all future acquisitions. Mr Middleton asked whether a comparison could be made between the use of ribs and other craft for patrolling purposes. He was advised that no other vessels were available at present to the Harbour Authority. In answer to questions regarding the incident log at Appendix 1 of the report and whether incidents could be qualified and quantified to show the degree of danger involved in these incidents, it was explained that such recording of detail could not convey the urgency of individual incidents. Mr Clatworthy explained that incident logs were retained at the Harbour Master's office and could be inspected during office hours.

Councillor Elliston sought information regarding the deployment of the oil boom and whether the Harbour Authority was able within its own capability of dealing with a range of incidents. Captain Capon explained the levels of cover which were available and that the Harbour Authority was obliged by law to put in place measures to deal with incidents large or small.

Mr Knight felt that the word "criminal" was inappropriate for use in conjunction with speeding offences on the river as set out in Harbour Master's Direction Number 1. Captain Capon and Sergeant Simpson explained that not to comply with the statutory speed limit on the Hamble would be a criminal offence just as speeding on the road.

In practice, alleged offenders would be approached and the action taken would depend upon the severity of the incident. It was anticipated that Court action would follow only where river users were clearly in breach of speed limits and causing excessive wash or endangering the safety of other river users. Captain Capon reported that the Harbour Master's Direction Number 1 would be issued on the completion of consultation with and accompanying Notice to River Users.

Mr Middleton referred to the changes in specification and phasing of the CCTV project and asked whether the specification would be valid in six month's time. Councillor Estlin pointed out that the report regarding CCTV would go to the Executive Member's Group at an early date.

The removal of the Mercury Piles was raised and information sought as to why these had not been replaced. It was explained that they had been removed on advice and that a Port Hand Mark would be displayed on the remaining pile. Mr Selby drew attention to the fact that this was not included in the Harbour Master's report and various members commented that no consultation had been carried out before the action had been taken. The officers undertook to investigate whether it would be possible to issue a list of conclusions taken by the Executive Member's Group in the period between Advisory Committee meetings. The Royal Yachting Association representative felt that it was important for these piles to be replaced on grounds of safety. It was stated that the piles at Bursledon would remain when development of that area took place.


That the report be noted.


The Advisory Committee considered the report of the County Treasurer (Item 3 in the Minute Book) presenting the budget for the year 2003/04 and the recommended charges for Harbour Dues for the year January to December 2004.

The budget had been broken down into three areas of activity.


The Advisory Committee considered the report of the Director of Environment (Item 4 in the Minute Book) regarding the main issues covered in the summary of consultation responses. Mr Inder advised that the County Council wished to build on the information gained at the consultation exercise, particularly issues relating to safety on the River and ideas for changes.

A working party had been set up to meet on 14 July and would discuss and agree its Terms of Reference. This working party would include the Harbour Authority, Warsash Sailing Club, Stone Pier Yard and Hamble Parish Council, and other interested and relevant parties.

Mr Middleton explained that the River Hamble Mooring Holders' Association felt that the River Hamble Harbour Management Committee should have considered the strategy and should inform the working group. This would be further debated in December.

Mr Knight drew attention to the proposed River bus service in 2003 and sought further information. It was explained that this was an experimental pilot programme, part funded by the Countryside Agency and related to access to the Countryside.

Information was sought regarding costs of dredging and the extent to which the Harbour Authority would be required to contribute. The limit of the Harbour Authority's liability was stated as £12,000. A fuller report would be given to the Management meeting.


That the report be noted and its comments conveyed to the River Hamble Harbour Management Committee.


The Advisory Committee considered the report of the Director of Environment (Item 5 in the Minute Book) regarding the Municipal Ports Review. Mr Denton-Thompson reviewed the situation and reminded the Committee that he had previously expressed reservations whether the Department for Transport timescales could be achieved. Recent informal information had indicated that further delays would be experienced. The present arrangements which were not satisfactory arose from the County Council's interpretation of the modernisation agenda.

There was now a need to review the situation. The Ports Division of the Department for Transport accepted that the County Council needed to change its administrative arrangements for the Hamble and that a Harbour Revision Order may be the appropriate way forward. It was pointed out that a Harbour Revision Order was an expensive measure. The present arrangements whereby one person (the Executive Member for Environment) was effectively taking decisions were not in line with DFT proposals. The DFT Ports Division also did not support a Harbour Authority of the size of the River Hamble Harbour Management Committee. Consultations would take place with key organisations with an interest in the river and there would be a report to the Executive Member's Group before going to the next Advisory and Management Committees. A further report would be made to the Advisory Committee in December 2003, when a fuller debate would be encouraged.


That the report be noted.


Ms Satchell reported that the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Trust for Marine Archaeology would be undertaking a programme of inter-tidal walks and would dive on wrecks in the Hamble during the summer.

The River Hamble Mooring Holders' Association would welcome regular meetings of stakeholders and felt that this would improve communications and the sharing of information. The River Hamble Marine and Berth Holders' Association wished to pursue the issues relating to safety on the water, with particular reference to rescuing persons in the water and arrangements for firefighting on the water. A risk assessment of emergency services had concluded that the Warsash jetty should be used for evacuation of casualties and that a combined exercise between the Rescue Services would be investigated.

The Royal Yachting Association wished to be informed of decisions before changes were made on the River and enquired whether the Executive Member's conclusions could be displayed on screen. It was explained that the Executive Member's Group was not a public meeting, but officers undertook to investigate the situation. The Chairman understood the aspirations of Members to know more about the detailed working of the Executive Member's Group. He pointed out that any proposal to hold additional meetings of the River Hamble Harbour Advisory Committee would be difficult to justify on terms of cost and effort in officer time. He also pointed out that opportunities for involvement and a closer examination of individual issues relating to the River Hamble had occurred since the inception of the new arrangements. The officers would investigate the possibility of circulating Members with details of non-confidential items for the Executive Member's Group.


Friday 21 November 2003, The Wellington Room, The Castle, Winchester.