Hampshire County Council

River Hamble Harbour Advisory Committee

9 June 2003

Municipal Ports Review Update

Report of the Director of Environment

Item 5

Contact: Merrick Denton-Thompson, ext 6826

1. Summary

1.1 The River Hamble Harbour Authority has been waiting for the Government to publish its finding following a review of Municipal Ports. There are indications that the Municipal Ports Review has been postponed indefinitely and the purpose of this report is to inform Members of the need to consider the consequences.

2. Background

2.1 The Municipal Ports Review was to follow immediately after the Government published the Review of Trust Ports. However, there has been no progress on the Municipal Ports Review for three years and recently there have been informal indications, from members of the Ports Division of the Department for Transport, that the Review is unlikely to happen in the near future.

2.2 Members may recall that the current committee and decision making structure of the River Hamble Harbour Authority was set up as an interim arrangement following the modernisation of Local Government, pending the outcome of the Municipal Ports Review. The current arrangements of the River Hamble Management Committee, the Advisory Committee, the Executive Member's Group and the Executive Member's Decision meeting is not thought to be the most effective structure for administering the river in the long term.

2.3 It has also become clear that there is a need to modernise the constitution of the Harbour Authority and to update the Byelaws. These changes can only be undertaken through the Harbour Revision Order process, a process that is both time consuming and expensive. The Government intended to examine the Harbour Revision Order process as it affects municipal ports within the scope of the Municipal Ports Review.

3. Action

3.1 As it appears that the Municipal Ports Review is unlikely to emerge in the near future it is recommended that the County Council, as Harbour Authority, considers the options, including an approach to consultation, and for a report to be brought to the next meeting of the Advisory and Management Committees.


That the River Hamble Advisory Committee note the contents of this report.

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