Hampshire County Council

River Hamble Harbour Advisory Committee

9 June 2003

Harbour Master's Report

Report of the Director of Environment

Item 2

Contact: Tony Clatworthy, tel: 01489 576387

1. Summary

1.1 This report summarises the activities and events on the river from December 2002 to date. It also briefs Members of progress with various projects being undertaken and introduces additional projects to be initiated before June 2003.

2. Report

2.1 The river has been patrolled daily during daylight hours by the duty staff from 0700 hours to 1830 hours daily, with additional staff available afloat for the popular Warsash Sailing Club Spring Series starting Sunday 16 March 2003. From 1 May 2003 the Harbour Office commenced summer routine and was manned from 0600 hours through to 2200 hours each day.

3. Incidents

3.1 Harbour Staff have responded to a number of incidents throughout the period, including rescuing the crew from two capsized two-man dinghies. Both these dinghies were abandoned after the tide made recovery dangerous. They turned turtle and became entangled in the moorings on the Hamble side.

3.2 Assistance was given by patrols to a man in extreme pain, due to a back injury. He was rescued from his midstream mooring and his vessel was moored by the patrol staff.

3.3 Harbour Patrols have been involved in various searches for missing persons and investigating drifting vessels, including two vessels from Riverside Boatyard cast adrift by vandals and a catamaran found turned turtle in the river entrance. A full listing of incidents that Harbour Patrols responded to from November 2002 to April 2003 is attached as Appendix 1.

4. Speeding Prosecution

4.1 The trial commenced on 28 April before Magistrates in Fareham and was adjourned until 7 July in Portsmouth Magistrates Court, after part-hearing the evidence of the prosecution.

4.2 If the case is won costs will be applied for against the defendant. If it is lost the defendant will claim costs from central funds and not from the Harbour Authority. A full verbal update will be given at the meeting.

5. Speed and Wash

5.1 Captain Capon has drafted the Harbour Master's Direction, attached as Appendix 2. When the Direction is made it will, (as best as existing legislation provides), impose a 6 knot speed limit. It is enforceable like a Byelaw and the maximum fine is £500.

5.2 There is no requirement for consultation but the draft Harbour Master's Direction has been circulated to stakeholders for comments, with a 30 day consultation period. All comments should be received by the Harbour Authority by 17 June.

5.3 On completion of the `speeding' trial on 7 July the Direction should be `given', subject to any comments made by the Magistrates.

6. Oil Boom Deployment

6.1 The oil boom was deployed on 1 April 2003.

6.2 The Harbour Master would like to thank the following organisations for the loan of manpower to help deploy the boom:

6.3 As a consequence of the drill, some consideration is being given, with experts, to the method of deploying and securing the booms. More general consideration is also being given to the location for storing the booms and who should deploy them in the event of a spill. There is a contract with Oil Spill Response Limited (OSRL) to assist the Harbour Authority in the event of a spill that cannot be dealt with locally by the Harbour Authority.

7. Closed Circuit Television

7.1 This project has been reviewed and is now in two phases. Phase 2 will be initiated after evaluating Phase 1.

7.2 Mr Lister Wills of the Property, Business and Regulatory Services Department of the County Council is providing technical assistance and producing the tender documents that will be distributed during the last week of May.

7.3 Phase 1 will consist of four cameras:

7.4 Phase 1 will provide coverage of most of the river. The cameras will feed information to one large monitor in the Harbour Master's office, which will show one large image together with smaller images from the remaining cameras. All images will be recorded and stored for a period of 30 days. Digital recordings of incidents will be possible by downloading onto a compact disc.

7.5 The provision of images to Hantsweb will be built into the system using the existing link between the Harbour Master's office and The Castle. If Southampton Harbour Authority or the Police require `live' images then it is proposed they should fund the increase in capacity to the existing computer link.

7.6 The Harbour Authority will conform to the Hampshire County Council Code of Practice for closed circuit television and the Data Protection Act requirements.

7.7 Once the tender has been procured, a full report, including the technical specification, an analysis of the benefits and use of the system, the training requirements of staff and the impact of the data protection legislation will be the subject of a separate report.

8. Work on Bridges

8.1 During the next six months work is being carried out on the following bridges over the River Hamble:

8.2 Restrictions will be placed on navigation during these works and the channel under the bridge will be closed for long periods for one month during the winter.

8.3 Consultation with river users and commercial operators has established a programme to overcome access limitations during the work. A method of working has been established to limit disturbance from fallout and noise pollution to local residents and moored craft. This has involved consultation with all the user groups in the upper Hamble.

9. Port Marine Safety Code

Year End Audit

9.1 The Safety Management System, records and risk assessments were inspected and reviewed by the Designated Person, and a report dated 22 January is attached as Appendix 3.

9.2 The Plan has now been produced as a printed document which is in the process of being distributed to stakeholders and other interested parties.

9.3 A folder explaining the outline of the Plan has been produced and will be distributed to all mooring holders through the marinas, boatyards, yacht clubs and commercial operators. Copies of both these publications are available in the committee room for Committee Members and the public. The Plan also appears on the River Hamble Harbour Authority website.

10. Assistant Harbour Master (Environment)

10.1 The Assistant Harbour Master (Environment) Mr Alan Williams has now taken up a new post within the County Council. During the previous five years he was responsible for guiding the Harbour Authority through the maze of environmental legislation. Along with other projects, he was responsible for producing the Estuary Management Plan and the Waste Disposal Plan for the river. His post has been taken up by Miss Emma Beagley. It is proposed that a vote of thanks be given to Mr Alan Williams, for his dedication during his five years with the Authority.

11. Guide to the Planning and Management of the Hamble

11.1 The guide has now been completed and is available both as a free document from the Harbour Office and on the River Hamble Harbour Authority website.


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