Hampshire County Council

New Forest Highway and Transport Advisory Panel

21 September 2004

Progress Update on Schemes in the Capital Programme

Report of the Director of Environment

Item 6

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1. Summary

1.1 The County Council's Transport Capital Programme identifies funding for individually named integrated transport improvement schemes and also includes other county-wide improvement programmes and block budget allocations.

1.2 The table below shows the county-wide improvement programmes applicable to the New Forest area, and identifies the funding for the 2004/05 year. The table also identifies where further information about the works appropriate to each programme can be found on this agenda.

County-wide Programme

2004/05 Allocation

Report Item

Safer Routes to School



Community Transport



Minor Schemes



1.3 This report provides a progress update on the named integrated transport schemes within the 2004/05 Transport Capital Programme that have been approved for implementation in the New Forest area. These are summarised in the attached appendix.

1.4 Individual schemes within the Transport Capital Programme are financed from the Local Transport Plan (LTP), which consists of Central Government supported capital expenditure (SCE) and/or external funding (EF) received from developers or other contributors.

1.5 The 2005/06 Transport Capital Programme will be considered in January 2005 by the Environment Policy Review Committee and then the Executive Member for Environment. The programme will be influenced by the level of the Local Transport Settlement for 2005/06 for Hampshire, which will be announced by the Government in December 2004, and by the level of spending commitments carried forward into 2005/06 from the 2004/05 programme. Area Transport Strategy Panels are being asked to prioritise schemes within their areas to assist the Executive Member for Environment in agreeing future programmes.

2. Transport Capital Programme 2004/05

2.1 The aim of this scheme is to introduce traffic calming measures along the length of Rookes Lane and Ridgeway Lane, to reduce vehicle speeds, and provide a new footway on the residential side of the roads to ensure the safety of pedestrians who previously had to walk in the road, resulting in conflict with vehicular traffic.

2.2 To provide the footway small sections of properties' frontages are required. Officers have been negotiating with the property owners to get the land designated for highway purposes. These negotiations have been very successful and agreement has been reached to acquire the land. The only cost of this land is for the legal work that has to be undertaken, together with a small amount of accommodation works.

2.3 Once the legal agreements have been completed it is anticipated that a Project Appraisal for the scheme will be submitted to the Executive Member for Spatial Strategy in November 2004. This should enable the scheme to be implemented in December 2004 or January 2005.

2.4 This scheme will provide an important pedestrian link across the B3058 Station Road adjacent to the New Milton Health Centre, railway station and local shops.

2.5 Preliminary design studies have been carried out on two alternative options, one which would result in the overall loss of four on-street parking spaces and one which would minimise this loss to two parking spaces overall.

2.6 The latter option would require the dedication of land for highway purposes to provide a new footway to replace that which would be lost with the creation of a new layby south of the proposed crossing.

2.7 A meeting has been held with the current owner of the properties and land adjacent to the location of the proposed crossing to explain and discuss the alternative options. However, the landowner has now confirmed that he does not support the alternative option and will not dedicate any further land for highway purposes.

2.8 The detailed design for the original scheme is therefore being progressed.

2.9 Implementation of the Puffin Crossing is programmed for March/April 2005.

2.10 Following final public consultation on the proposed traffic management scheme, the detailed design has been amended to reflect and accommodate the views of local residents.

2.11 The implementation of the scheme, which consists of traffic calming measures and new sections of footway, commenced in September 2004 with completion expected in October 2004.

2.12 This proposed cycle route alongside the A35 between Ashurst and Lyndhurst is an important link in the strategic cycle route network.

2.13 The relevant Parish Councils, English Nature, the Verderers and Forestry Commission have been consulted on the scheme proposals and their comments have been taken on board during the design process. Public consultation has also been undertaken with those residents of Lyndhurst whose properties either front onto the A35 Southampton Road or are in Princess Crescent or Queens Road, which access onto Southampton Road.

2.14 The exhibition was well attended although only twelve completed questionnaires were returned following the exhibition. Eleven questionnaires were in support of the scheme.

2.15 It is anticipated that a Project Appraisal for this scheme will be submitted to the Executive Member for Spatial Strategy for approval in November 2004. Implementation of the scheme is scheduled to commence in early 2005.

2.16 A public consultation exhibition of the proposed traffic calming measures and change in priority at a junction along Water Lane was held in June 2004, which as well attended.

2.17 Analysis of the responses to the questionnaire showed that the majority opposed the scheme details. However, they did agree that a scheme to reduce vehicle speeds and improve the safety on this road was needed, together with traffic management measures on Calmore Road. To develop a scheme which received general support in terms of its aims and objectives, a workshop was arranged with formal invitations being delivered to residents of Water Lane and Calmore Road.

2.18 Approximately 90 people attended the workshop and, working in groups, they put forward their concerns over traffic issues, together with their views on what traffic calming measures they would support to overcome the problems.

2.19 The outcome from the workshop has resulted in further design work being undertaken.

2.20 It is intended to hold a further workshop with the residents, at which a revised scheme will be displayed for comment and approval. Subject to approval of the revised scheme the detailed design could be undertaken and implemented during 2004/05.

2.21 This scheme will provide an off road shared use cycle/footway alongside a section of the A337 leading into the town centre via residential roads.

2.22 The detailed design of the scheme is nearing completion and it is anticipated that a Project Appraisal will be submitted to the Executive Member for Spatial Strategy in November 2004, with the scheme being implemented in January 2005.

2.23 The improvements to aid pedestrian and cycle movements in Ringwood are currently being implemented.

2.24 This scheme will provide two bridges, missing along the cycle route that follows the old Brockenhurst to Ringwood railway line.

2.25 The Forestry Commission has undertaken the design of the structures and, following approval of the Project Appraisal for the scheme by the Director of Environment, the bridges are due to be put in place during October 2004.

2.26 The infrastructure improvements in the New Forest area programmed for this year are dependent upon the bus operator Wilts & Dorset finalising changes to its services.

2.27 Once the routes have been finalised the infrastructure improvements can be implemented.

2.28 This scheme will help regenerate the Old Totton area and improve the economy for local businesses, as well as improve the environment for pedestrians.

2.29 The scheme comprises traffic calming/management measures to reduce the amount of traffic rat-running along Rumbridge Street to avoid the delays currently experienced on the adjacent A35 Totton bypass, especially during the morning peak periods. In addition, the existing footways are to be reconstructed using high quality materials.

2.30 The overall scheme has been split into several phases, with the first phase comprising the gateway feature and layout to the entrance to Rumbridge Street. The first phase is due to be implemented before December 2004.

2.31 This scheme forms phase 2 of the improvements in Sway as part of the Safer Routes to Schools programme.

2.32 The scheme will provide a new section of footway and crossing point on Middle Road near its junction with Station Road.

2.33 A small section of land is required to enable the scheme to be implemented. Following negotiations with the landowner, the land has been dedicated for highway purposes at no cost to the County Council, other than the fees for the necessary legal work.

2.34 It is anticipated that this scheme will be implemented in November 2004.

2.35 Maintenance work on the pier is ongoing.


That Members note the progress with schemes in the Transport Capital Programme and support the schemes approved for inclusion in the Transport Capital Programme for 2004/05.

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