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Role Profile Form Number


Section A



Role Title:


Reports To - (Supervisor/manager's role title) :



Role Purpose:

(why the role exists)

To provide strategic leadership for the Hampshire Arts Service and arts generally throughout Hampshire.

To develop, direct and implement a new Hampshire Arts Strategy.

To develop the arts in Hampshire.

Section B Organisation

Please provide a simple line drawing indicating where the role sits within the organisation in the box below. (See guidance notes with regard to the use of formal organisation charts).

Section C


Accountability Statements

% of Time

Strategic Leadership and Service Development

Provide the vision and leadership for the Arts Service, aligning the Service more closely to Hampshire's Cultural Strategy and the County Council's corporate priorities.

Sit on the Recreation & Heritage's Departmental Management Team.


Arts Strategy

Write and implement the vision via a new Arts Strategy for Hampshire, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, key Members and partner organisations.


Developing Partnerships

Pro-actively lead existing partnerships, where appropriate, and create new ones, both across County Council departments and with outside organisations.


Policy Advice

Advise the Executive Member, the Director for Recreation & Heritage and colleagues at a senior level on arts policy and input into international, national and regional policy frameworks.


Arts Development

Manage the arts development and operation of the Arts Service's arts development activities, based on an assessment of the needs and priorities for arts development in Hampshire.


Service Planning

In consultation with colleagues, develop and implement an annual Business Plan for the Arts Service.


Project Management

To lead or be part of large scale capital projects or other schemes in Hampshire.



To lead the arts grants programme and align the programme to the Arts Strategy and the County Council's objectives.


Staff Management

Manage, motivate and appraise staff in the Arts Office.

To carry forward a programme of change management in the Arts Service.


Finance and Funding

Seek out new funding opportunities for the arts in Hampshire, determine and monitor Arts Service budgets.


Corporate and statutory initiatives - equalities/health and safety/e-government/ Chartermark etc.

Ensure all Health and Safety, legal and corporate standards are met by the Arts Service.


Section D -The key decision making areas in the role

Deciding on and implementing a vision for the Arts Service, as set out in the Arts Strategy and the annual Service Plan for the Arts Service.

Allocating the Arts Service budget.

Deciding how to institute cultural change in the Arts Service.

Deciding on the priorities for future for grants and the level of grant support to be recommended to the Executive Member.

Appointing staff in the Arts Service.

Section E - The role dimensions - financial (e.g. budgets) and non-financial (e.g. units, workload, customers/staff)

Arts Service total budget of £1.8m

Joint Investment Fund (£150,000) in partnership with Hampshire's local authorities, Isle of Wight Council and the Arts Council England, South East.

Four key operational units - the Arts Centres, with challenging annual income targets.

Over 30 key partners delivering specific outcomes tied to annual revenue support.

50 staff in the Arts Service.

Section F - The main contacts - external/internal customer contacts and purpose


Regular contact with Recreation & Heritage's Cabinet portfolio holder,other Cabinet Members and the Director of Recreation & Heritage and other Chief Officers. Also Senior Managers in other HCC departments and Heads of Service in Recreation and Heritage. Legal Services for consultation on constitutions, legal agreements and so on. Human Resources for staffing issues.


Regular contact with the Director and Senior Arts Officers from the Arts Council, the DCMS, Regional Arts Council and Hampshire-based cultural organisations and Hampshire's local authorities.

Section G - Working conditions - environment, and physical effort or strain.


4,000 miles business travel per annum

Regular evening commitments (average of one per week) and weekend events (one or two per month).

Section H - Context/additional information

This is a new role which has been created following an extensive review of the County Council's Arts Service. The Arts Service needs to move forward and adapt to changing circumstances and it requires someone to lead it to make this happen.

Section I - Entry: Necessary role-related knowledge, skills and experience at selection

· Qualification at degree level in arts or a relevant discipline.

· Strong understanding of national and regional arts policy/funding and of local government generally.

· A track record (5 years) of senior arts management experience.

· Likely to have profile within the arts at a regional and national level.

· Evidence of continuous professional development.

· Knowledge of Health and Safety, risk management and diversity issues.

· Knowledge of effective financial management.

Section J - Initial induction/training required to become effective in the role


Estimated time to become operationally effective

3 months


Induction to Managers Guide and Corporate Standards.

Understanding of Corporate and Departmental objectives and priorities

Establishment of key networks externally and internally.

Familiarisation of the arts `product' in Hampshire.

Section K - Operationally effective: How would effectiveness in role be demonstrated?

Support and confidence of senior staff and elected Members.

Confidence and trust of lead partners and independent arts organisations.

Section L - Adding value: What characteristics will the advanced role holder demonstrate?

Visionary leadership leading to service advancement and staff development.

Ability to deliver projects and initiatives of national significance.

Proven track record of making a difference and actually making things happen.

Establishing a positive national profile for Hampshire's Arts Service.

1 "Draft Arts Strategy" - Executive Member for Recreation & Heritage, 4 April 2002, Item 4