Hampshire County Council


Policy and Resources Scrutiny and Select Committee

Item 8


11 April 2005


Covering Report for the Outcomes of the Equality and Diversity Best Value Review


Report of the Chief Executive

Contact: Jenny Heath, Corporate Performance Manager, ext 7402

This covering report is intended to provide an `at-a-glance' summary for Members and leads into the outcome report which has been written by the core review team

1 Purpose of the service

1.1 The scope of this review has been to carry out an authority wide assessment against the national standards that will enable the County Council to move towards level three of the standard.

1.2 The review team have developed the following vision for equality and diversity:

2 Statutory basis

2.1 The statutory basis for activity related to equality and diversity includes:

3 Corporate priority

4 The Council's performance

4.1 The Comprehensive Performance Assessment (CPA) Corporate Report carried out in 2002 resulted in a specific recommendation to improve the Council's performance in relation to equality and diversity:

4.2 The review team has concluded that the current arrangements will not enable the Council to meet its own target for achieving level three of the equality standard. Of greater concern is that current arrangements are not sufficiently robust to meet the rigorous duty of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act and similar legislation on disability and gender planned for 2006. This places the Council at serious risk of a compliance notice.

5 Outcomes

5.1 The review identified four strategic outcomes which will provide evidence that the vision for equality and diversity in Hampshire is being achieved:

5.2 Implementation of the improvement plan will establish the specific processes and actions to deliver these strategic outcomes and so enable the Council to achieve level three of the equality standard.

5.3 The review team considered three options to deliver these outcomes and based on the presentation to this committee on 14 February 2005 have prepared an improvement plan on the second option - to revise the current structure.

5.4 The review team has also concluded that there is a need to identify funding to support projects which are essential to achieving improvement in the Council's approach to equality and diversity. A key element in the improvement plan is action to identify the scope of the projects and the resources required to deliver them.

6 Members

6.1 The following members participated in the review, allocating a total of 12 hours:

7 Review details:

7.1 It was estimated that the direct costs of this review would be £7,000 The actual costs were £1,406.

7.2 The review took 54 officer days to complete at a cost of £7740.


1 The attached outcome report and improvement plan be agreed as representing the views of this Scrutiny and Select Committee

2 Cabinet are advised of the outcome of the Best Value review so that they can implement the improvement plan

3 Arrangements are made for this committee to receive annual progress reports until the improvement plan is completed

4 A summary of the review is prepared in the standard format for inclusion in the Performance Plan.

5 The Scrutiny and Select Committee nominates Member(s) who will be involved in overseeing the implementation of the Improvement Plan

    Section 100D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers


The following documents disclose facts or matters on which this report, or an important part of it, is based and has been relied upon to a material extent in the preparation of this report.




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