Hampshire County Council

Executive Member - Environment Item 3

24 May 2005

Appointments to Outside Bodies

Report of the Chief Executive

Contact: Michael Sherwood - Ext: 7332 email: mike.sherwood@hants.gov.uk

1. Summary

1.1. The following decision is sought:

That the Executive Member for Environment makes appointments to the organisations listed below until the Annual Meeting of the County Council in May 2009 (or as otherwise shown):-

2. Reason

2.1. To maintain County Council representation within the community.

3. Other Options considered and rejected

3.1. Not to make these appointments.

4. Conflicts of Interest declared by the decision maker or a member or other Executive Member consulted

4.1. None.

5. Dispensation granted by the Standards Committee

5.1. Not applicable.

6. Reason(s) for the matter being dealt with if urgent

6.1. Not applicable

Approved by Date:

Councillor J.K. Glen