Hampshire County Council

Executive Member - Recreation and Heritage Item 6

21 September 2005

Arts Development Partnership Funding 2005/06

Report of the Director of Recreation and Heritage

Contact: Nicola Horsey Ext: 5423

1. Summary

1.1 The following decision is sought:

Two For One


Emsworth Food Festival







1.2 At the last decision day, the arts grant scheme for 2005/06 was suspended. It was decided that the next Decision Day for grants would be 17 November 2005 when grants for 2006/07 will be considered. However, an application for Two for One funding has been received and could be funded as described in the full report.

2. Reason

2.1 To support small scale arts activities serving Hampshire people and to deliver the aims of the Corporate Strategy by maximising life opportunities, particularly for young people, through participation in high quality arts events and contributing to economic prosperity by employing local artists or generating income via ticket sales and so on.

3. Other options considered and rejected

4. Conflicts of interest declared by the decision maker or other Executive Member consulted

5. Dispensation granted by the Standards Committee

Not applicable.

6. Reason(s) for the matter being dealt with if urgent

Not applicable.

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Councillor Mrs. M. Snaith