For any organisation to achieve its full potential, it is required to maximise the capabilities of all its people, individually as well as collectively. To build capacity and capability within a workforce requires transformational leadership. When this is in place, high levels of cohesion, commitment, trust, motivation and performance in existing and new work environments are present. Leaders are able to create an innovative vision, believe very strongly in the vision, be able to articulate in it and communicate it to employees so they believe it in too. When Leaders demonstrate these qualities, employees become committed and involved.

The learning and development function within HR will be responsible and accountable for ensuring that the actual HCC training and development strategic investment is both targeted at the right people and in the right way. Where there are collective development needs, the most effective learning mediums will be created utilising IT systems where appropriate. Given that the majority of training and development investment will be at the discretion of line management, learning and development consultants will take a lead in helping managers create a learning culture within their teams that goes beyond funding training courses.