Hampshire County Council

Gosport Highway and Transport Advisory Panel

2 November 2005

Travel Plan Programmes

Report of the Director of Environment

Item 9

Contact: Jon Foley, ext 7559 email: jon.foley@hants.gov.uk

1. Summary

1.1 This report provides a progress update on the workplace and school travel planning programmes in the Gosport area, together with information on a recently completed county-wide personalised travel planning project. It also includes an update on the Safer Routes to School programme for schemes within the Gosport area.

2. Workplace Travel Plan Programme

2.1 There are currently four organisations developing a travel plan, compared with two reported to the last meeting in March 2005.

2.2 The current status of travel plans in the Gosport Borough Council area is shown in the table below. An indication of the number of employees covered by the plans has also been given. Individual organisations are not identified for reasons of confidentiality - for example some travel plans are related to planning applications or a change in location that is not yet public knowledge.

2.3 The Travel Plan Adviser is currently working to update records by liaising more closely with Borough Council officers to provide a more complete picture of travel plan activity.

2.4 In June 2005 the Executive Member for Environment: South Hampshire and Resource Management approved a £36,900 capital and £9,280 revenue county-wide allocation to allow this fund to be run for a second year.

2.5 No businesses in the Gosport Borough Council area submitted a bid for funding for this financial year.

3. School Travel Plan Programme

3.1 The School Travel Planning Team continues to work with schools to develop School Travel Plans. To date over 405 schools throughout Hampshire have developed or are in the process of developing plans compared with just over 330 as at March 2005.

3.2 The School Travel Planning Team has been funded since April 2004 through a Central Government grant (£165,000 per annum). Originally this funding was due to come to an end in March 2006, however the County Council is pleased to report that the funding has now been extended to March 2008.

3.3 Schools with travel plans approved by the School Travel Planning Team are eligible for funding through the Safer Routes to School programme, as well as a one-off capital grant from the Department for Education and Skills (DfES). The latter is only available to state schools. In 2004 83 schools received a total of £532,309 from the DfES; in 2005 71 schools were put forward and received grants totalling £402,597 from the DfES.

3.4 The team is now engaged with 18 of the 34 schools in the Gosport area (32 maintained and two independent), compared with 13 schools as at March 2005. A summary of the current status of all School Travel Plans in the Gosport area is shown as a table below. More detail is shown in the appendix.

4. Safer Routes to School Programme

4.1 The Safer Routes to School programme links very closely with the development of the School Travel Plan programme. One of the objectives of a School Travel Plan is to encourage as many children as possible to be active and independent by walking, cycling or using public transport to get to and from school on a regular basis. This could be through a combination of physical and other measures. If physical works are identified within the approved School Travel Plan then the school can bid for funding from the Safer Routes to School programme.

4.2 On 21 January 2005 the former Executive Member for Environment agreed an indicative allocation of £1.5 million for a county-wide programme of Safer Routes to School schemes from the 2005/06 Capital Programme.

4.3 When a proposal for highway improvements is received from a school with a completed School Travel Plan the feasibility is assessed to determine the scale, implications, costs and benefits. As more proposals come forward, this allows the priorities to be determined for inclusion in the programme. The current status of potential and actual schemes is shown in the appendix.

5. Personalised Travel Planning Programme

5.1 The County Council recently (March 2005) completed a large scale personalised travel planning project called `InfoMotion'. This direct marketing project (the largest of its kind in the UK), which included close partnership working with local bus operators, targeted some 115,000 households within walking distance of high quality bus services across Hampshire.

5.2 Personalised travel planning is a process whereby individuals (either householders, employees or visitors) are provided with tailored travel advice and information based on an understanding of their personal trip requirements. It can, as in the case of the InfoMotion project, also be complemented by the provision of incentives (eg trial season tickets) to introduce people to a new mode of travel that they may not have otherwise considered.

5.3 Of the 115,000 households contacted 38,000 responded. Of these 19% (7,720 households) were already regular users of public transport (and so did not participate further), 48% (18,240 households) were infrequent users of public transport who were interested in participating and 33% (12,540 households) were not interested in participating. Through a process of one-to-one dialogue the `interested' group was subsequently provided with tailored information and incentives to encourage greater bus use.

5.4 Monitoring of local bus patronage and participants' travel behaviour was undertaken. Bus patronage in one area of the county increased by 6% (peaking at 11% during the marketing period) while in another area monitoring found there had been a 21% increase in person trips by bus and a 9% reduction in person trips by car by those participating. The results from the travel behaviour element of the monitoring also showed that there had been a reduction, from 31% to 17%, in the proportion of people dissatisfied with local bus services.

5.5 The project therefore highlighted the effectiveness of personalised travel planning not only in changing travel behaviour but also influencing individual's perceptions of public transport. The County Council will now consider the future role of personalised travel planning within the delivery of its Local Transport Plan.

6. Impact Assessments

6.1 This report provides a position statement only, therefore an impact assessment in terms of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act has not been undertaken.


That Members note the progress made with the delivery of the workplace and School Travel Plans and Safer Routes to School programmes in the Gosport area, together with the outcomes of the recent InfoMotion personalised travel planning project.

Section 100 D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers


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Gosport Highway and Transport Advisory Panel

School Travel Plan levels as at September 2005

School Name

School Travel Plan Level

Date level achieved

SRTS scheme

SRTS Scheme year

SRTS Allocation £000's



Haven Early Years Centre, Gosport






Alverstoke Community Infant School



Brockhurst Infant School, Gosport



Elson Infant School, Gosport



Gomer Infant School, Alverstoke



Improvements to entrance to school in Pyrford Road. Provision of informal crossing point in St Helens Road.



Grange Infant School, Rowner



Lee-on-the-Solent Infant School

1 (0)



Leesland C E (Controlled) Infant School, Gosport



Peel Common Infant School and Nursery Unit, Rowner




Rowner Infant School



Siskin Infant and Nursery School, Rowner

1 (C)





Alverstoke C E (Aided) Junior School

1 (C)



Brockhurst Junior School, Gosport



Elson Junior School, Gosport

1 (C)



Gomer Junior School, Alverstoke

0 (C)



Grange Junior School, Rowner

1 (0)



Lee-on-the-Solent Junior School



Improved signing and lining and provision of informal crossing facilities in Cambridge Road and Elmore Road.



Leesland C E (Controlled) Junior School, Gosport



Peel Common Junior School, Rowner



Rowner Junior School



Siskin Junior School, Rowner

1 (C)





Bedenham Primary School, Gosport




Haselworth Primary School, Gosport



Holbrook Primary School, Bridgemary

0 (C)



Newtown C E (Voluntary Controlled) Primary School, Gosport




St John's Gosport C E (Voluntary Aided) Primary School, Gosport



St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Gosport



Woodcot Primary School, Bridgemary

1 (C)





Bay House School, Alverstoke



Cycle shelters and CCTV on school grounds.

Contribution towards cycle scheme on Gomer Lane and Military Road





Bridgemary Community School, Gosport

1 (C)



Brune Park Community College, Gosport



Cycle shelters






Quayside Education Centre, Gosport





Marycourt School, Alverstoke



St Anne's School, Lee-on-the-Solent




0 Interest shown

1 Initial work on travel plan started

2 Draft travel plan completed

3 Final travel plan submitted and approved

C Contacted, awaiting response

() School Travel Plan Level at time of last HTAP. No change to level if not shown.