Hampshire County Council

Basingstoke and Deane Highway and Transport Advisory Panel

9 November 2005

Progress Update on Schemes in the Capital Programme

Report of the Director of Environment

Item 6

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1. Summary

1.1 The County Council's Transport Capital Programme identifies funding for individually named integrated transport improvement schemes and also includes other county-wide improvement programmes and block budget allocations.

1.2 The table below shows the county-wide improvement programmes that are applicable, and identifies the funding allocation made from the Local Transport Plan (LTP) for the 2005/06 year. The table also identifies where further information about the works appropriate to each programme can be found on the agenda.

1.3 This report provides a progress update on the named integrated transport schemes within the 2005/06 Transport Capital Programme, as approved in September 2005 by the Executive Member for Environment: South Hampshire and Resource Management, for implementation in the Basingstoke and Deane area. These are summarised in the attached appendix.

1.4 Individual schemes within the Transport Capital Programme are financed from the LTP, which consists of Central Government supported capital expenditure (SCE). In addition schemes may receive external funding (EF) from developers or other contributors.

2. Transport Capital Schemes 2005/06

2.1 This route has been identified from the Borough Council's Feasibility Report and is part of the Basingstoke Cycling Strategy map; it has the support of the Basingstoke Bicycle User Group. The route will utilise both on-road and off-road facilities and will connect into the existing cycle routes at Maple Crescent and Kingsclere Road. The area to be serviced will include Merton County Junior School from Popley Way, Oakridge County Infant School along Sherborne Road and Basingstoke Railway Station along Vyne Road. The off-road sections will use existing footways which together with on-road sections will be signed and lined accordingly. A project appraisal for this scheme at a cost of £185,000 was approved by the Executive Member for Environment: North Hampshire and Spatial Strategy on 13 September 2005 to enable the work to start early in 2006.

2.2 This item is reported elsewhere on the agenda as part of the Passenger Transport report.

2.3 The Kingsclere traffic calming works are being developed to control the speed of traffic within the local area to help with safety and severance, with benefits in mind for pedestrian movements, especially the elderly, within the local community. Consultations have recently been undertaken with Parish Council members and six sites have been identified for traffic calming. Preliminary designs have been considered and plans are now in preparation for further consultations with the Parish Council. This will help to establish the priority for the progression of trials to commence and for the identification and agreement of any eventual permanent works.

2.4 The subway improvements are due to be completed this autumn. This work includes the upgrading of the hand railing to stainless steel and the repainting of barrier railings. The subway pumping system pipes have been enlarged and the ramp surfaces are to be regraded, there will be anti slip surfacing with white line edging on steps to assist the visually impaired. The mural artwork design which is themed on local area history has been chosen by local people following a public exhibition hosted by Brookvale Community Association. This artwork was undertaken by the local art company `Wasted Talent' and the county contractor `Remchem'.

2.5 The A33 Ringway Interchange has the second highest number of accidents for any junction in Hampshire. In common with other roundabouts on the A33 traffic approach speeds are high producing turning movement conflicts and rear end shunts. The proposed traffic signals for all arms of the Ringway Interchange will allow safe and managed vehicular access to reduce these types of accidents.

2.6 The conversion of the A33 Popley Way junction to an all-moves signal controlled junction will remove `U' turns from both the A33 Ringway Interchange and the Crockford Lane Roundabout which will improve the operation and management of these two junctions and also reduce safety conflicts.

2.7 In addition to the junction improvements, cycle and pedestrian crossing facilities are to be accommodated with links to a segregated cycle route alongside the A33 towards Chineham. A project appraisal for this scheme was considered by the Executive Member for Policy and Resources on 4 November 2005. The advance works are expected to start next spring, the site work will follow in stages and take about one year to complete.

2.8 The Western Corridor and Blackwater Valley Sub-Region is considered in the South East Plan as a region that might accommodate a high level of housing growth up to 2026. Basingstoke is designated as a regional transport hub in the Regional Transport Strategy and within the sub-region may be required to meet much of this growth. Hampshire County Council is developing a land use and transport model for the Basingstoke urban area which will give a good evidence base for making decisions on development distribution and for testing future schemes and transport interventions.

2.9 The proposed Bus Priority Lane for Brighton Way has been deferred pending a review of the public transport strategy for the Basingstoke area.

2.10 The improvements at the roundabout which started on site in September to reduce accidents consist of minor road widening, repositioning of entry islands and safety improvements to realign the exit from Western Way. Tactile surfaces and a new pedestrian island are to be provided at the Harrow Way entrance to the roundabout to assist pedestrians and vulnerable road users to cross safely. The street lighting is to be upgraded to current standards, together with areas of carriageway reconstruction, new carriageway surfacing and high skid resistant materials on each approach. The lane discipline is to be improved at the circulatory carriageway. Approaches will have concentric spiral lane markings with lane destination markings and signing to advise drivers of the appropriate lane to use on approach and through the junction. Work is expected to continue for three months.

2.11 A project appraisal for this scheme was considered by the Executive Member for Environment: North Hampshire and Spatial Strategy on 8 November 2005. The work will consist of a Toucan signal crossing with associated cycle paths at the B3400 Worting Road by the existing footbridge. This will assist cyclists and pedestrians to access the Leisure Centre from the south and in particular will assist the residents from the nearby elderly persons home to cross this busy road.

3. Impact Assessments

3.1 This report provides a position statement only on the progress of schemes in the capital programme, therefore an impact assessment in terms of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act has not been undertaken. Such impact assessments are normally reported in the project appraisal report for each individual or package of schemes.


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North Popley to Town Centre Access Improvements



Basingstoke Quality Bus Partnership - Route 3, Popley to South Ham



NEHTS Village Initiatives £60,000 SCE



Victory Roundabout Subway Improvements Phase II



A33 Ringway Interchange and Popley Way Junction Improvements



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