Hampshire County Council

River Hamble Harbour Board

18 May 2007

Harbour Master's Report

Report of the Director of Recreation and Heritage

Item 6

Contact: David Evans, tel 01489 576387 email: david.evans@hants.gov.uk

1. Summary

1.1 This report summarises the activities and events on the River from 24 January 2007. Any incidents taking place after this report is distributed will be the subject of a separate Annex to be distributed at the meeting.

2. Recommendation

3. Report

3.1 The River has been patrolled daily by the Duty Harbour Master from 24 January from 0700 hours through to 1830 hours.

4. Incidents

4.1 The incidents reported below reflect those that may have affected the Safety Management System; other matters concerning day-to-day harbour operations are not recorded in this report. The annual report of incidents due to be published in April 2007 will list and categorise all incidents. The report will be presented to the Harbour Board at the earliest opportunity after that date.

4.2 24 January: Patrol moored two vessels on mid-stream piles after finding them with lines parted. Owners contacted.

4.3 28 January: Patrol attended to a mid-stream moored boat the lines of which had parted. Lines replaced and adjusted and owner contacted.

4.4 3 February:

4.5 12 February: Report of a collision between a boat transiting the river and a yacht moored mid-stream. The incident was fully investigated to ensure there was no impact on the Safety Management System. Owner contacted and given full details and matter in the process of being settled.

4.6 15 February: Patrol assisted yacht with broken gearbox linkage. Escorted to mooring.

4.7 21 February: A connecting bolt on the Fishermen's Jetty failed which required immediate replacement. The contractor who built the jetty replaced the bolt which was sent away for inspection. The location and type of shear failure was unusual. All other bolts now undergoing inspection.

4.8 24 February: Patrol assisted yacht that had neaped itself on the Warsash scrubbing piles. Patrol pulled the yacht off with lines to the mast, healing the boat over to help reduce its draft.

4.9 24 February: A yacht became `neaped' on Warsash maintenance piles and the patrol assisted in towing off.

4.10 25 February: The patrol replaced a parted mooring line on a yacht on a mid-stream mooring.

4.11 26 February: The patrol attended and monitored a fuel spill incident from a motor vessel at Deacons Yard.

4.12 1 March: Harbour staff monitored a group of five young children who had launched a small boat at Warsash without any safety gear or effective means of propulsion. The patrol stood by until all were safely ashore and then gave advice.

4.13 Overnight 5/6 March: A severe southerly gale swept the area causing damage to a number of vessels. A small fishing boat broke loose from the Fisherman's Jetty and caused minor damage to the Harbour Master's Jetty. The patrol attended to numerous vessels that had parted lines and recovered debris from the river.

4.14 7 March: A report was received of a yacht (a Moody 44) missing, presumed stolen from a mid-river mooring. The patrol assisted the owner in searching for the yacht in the River and checked CCTV archives. The vessel has not been found. The Marine Police Unit and other local harbours and boatyards were informed.

4.15 10 March: Both patrol boats stood-by and assisted a large motor boat adrift in the main channel with power failure.

4.16 14 March: The patrol attended a yacht aground on Hook Spit. The vessel could not be towed off and a kedge anchor was set. The vessel was monitored during low water and further assisted when she re-floated.

4.17 21 March: The patrol rescued from the water a man who had fallen overboard from a motor cruiser that was entering the River. The man was on the bathing platform of the cruiser and in the process of preparing fenders when he lost his footing and fell in the water. Luckily the patrol witnessed this and was able to facilitate a very quick rescue as the master was unaware of the loss of his crew. Even so the man was in the water for approximately three minutes and was suffering from the cold. The patrol assisted in recovering and initiating a re-warming process. It was agreed that if he had been wearing a lifejacket he would have saved more energy and might have been able to survive a little longer.

5. Trinity House Inspection

5.1 Trinity House completed an inspection of all navigation marks and lights on 26 March 2007. All equipment was found to be in good order.

6. Impact Assessments

6.1 This report provides a position statement only, therefore an impact assessment, in terms of the Race Relations (Amendment) Act, has not been undertaken.

Section 100 D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers

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