Hampshire County Council

River Hamble Harbour Board

18 May 2007

Harbour Authority Works Consents - Administration Procedure

Report of the Director of Recreation and Heritage

Item 9

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1. Summary

1.1 The attached document: `River Hamble Harbour Authority Works Consents Administration Procedure' sets out the procedure to be followed by the Harbour Authority when dealing with applications for consent to carry out works in the harbour.

2. Recommendation

3. Background

3.1 Section 48 of the Southampton Harbour Act 1949 states that "it shall not be lawful without the consent in writing of the Board, signed by the Clerk, to construct, erect, bring forward, or retain any quay wall or other work or any part of such work on the bed on either bank or shore of the River Hamble...." The attached appendix sets out the draft Harbour Authority Works Consent Administration Procedure to be used when processing all applications for such consent. It takes account of the safety of the River Hamble, the quality of services and facilities provided to River users and the protection of the environment of the River.

4. Impact Assessments

4.1 This report covers administrative procedures which have no bearing on equality of access to the services provided by the Harbour Authority so an Equalities Impact Assessment has not been completed.

5. Conclusion

5.1 This administration procedure is an important part of the work of the Harbour Authority and requires approval by the Harbour Board for that reason.

Section 100 D - Local Government Act 1972 - background papers

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Harbour Authority Works Consents

Administration Procedure

1. The following is an outline of the process to be followed by Harbour Office staff when dealing with applications for Harbour Authority Works Consent. The procedure aims to:

2. The procedure to be followed is:

1 The Streamlined Consents Group (SCG) is an informal meeting of representatives of all the relevant licensing authorities - both local and from Central Government - and some of the advisory bodies consulted during the marine consents decision-making process. The aim of the SCG is to help guide potential applicants through the marine licensing process and provide the opportunity for developers with proposals for development on the River Hamble to discuss them with regulatory and advisory bodies before they make an application (ongoing applications cannot be discussed).