STAR Alcohol and Youth Project Action Plan - November 2006 to March 2008




Start date

Progress against agreed outcomes (see 3.3. in project plan)

Complete by

Children & Young People

Develop a programme of After School / Friday night activities to include Football, Boxing, Skateboarding, Dance and Beauty Therapy

Simon, Mandy, James, Kari,

1. Feb 07

2. April 07

3. September `07

1. Consultation and trial mobile skateboard with YP 2nd March at Wyvern College. PCSO to attend (James and Simon). Kari to contact Youth Council.

2. Engage 10 targeted males/females in vocational activities eg. Hair and beauty/art and design in evening classes. Run 2x6 week courses and gain accreditation from Eastleigh College. (Simon to action).

3. Have a structured programme of activities in place for local young people and promote through various channels including school, youth centre, local press etc. Target of 50 young people engaged.

1. April 07

2. July 07

3. December `07

Develop Peer led Alcohol and Drugs Education Event to run alongside school based PSHE and lesson plans

Student yr 6 & 8 questionnaires

Simon, Kari, Wyvern Students, EYC / HCYC,

This will need to be tied in with alcohol related lesson plans so that it all fits coherently together from a curriculum planning point of view.

July 07

Deliver in school Alcohol and Drugs Activity Event Inc parents?- Solomon workshop + other activities eg first aid, sexual health etc

Simon, Kari, Annette, Youth Service

1. June 07

1. Run a workshop for parents focussing on alcohol related issues as a follow up to a College event in curriculum time for students. Target a year group as a focus.

1. June 07

Offer R U Bothered young peoples service based at Fair Oak Youth Drop In

Kari, Youth Service

1. April 07

Offer Student assistance programme to Wyvern Pupils and through R U Bothered Young Peoples service

Kari, Connexions,

Wyvern College, Youth Service

1.Jun 07

1. Incorporate RU Bothered into current student support services programme in place at Wyvern. Monitor numbers attending sessions.

1. Review Nov 07

Develop Global Rock Challenge project with feeder schools linked with Learning through Action Workshops and Healthy Schools PSHE

Feeder Schools, Mandy, Simon

PCT lead Ileana Cahill

1. Oct 07

2. Sept 07

1. Establish a dance project for pupils of feeder schools across the community. Target involvement of 30 children. Perform a show using Wyvern Dance Studio in the summer of 07

2. Enter for Junior Rock Challenge 08 using Dance Project with pupils from Wyvern feeder schools.

1. March 08

2. June 08

Develop Alcohol related lesson plans across curriculum


This needs careful consideration. I cannot develop lesson plans on this. We will need to liaise with our PSHE coordinator and link in with current provision.

Identify opportunities for PCSOs and ACSOs to positively engage with young people ie attending Friday Night Activities

Peter, Police,

Wyvern College, Youth Service

(FT youth worker starts Sept 2006 as does DoE Officer??

1. Sept 07

Explore feasibility of resurrecting D of E scheme through Wyvern College

Simon, Wyvern College

1. Sept 07

1. Using a member of the Wyvern staff offer D of E to the young people on Wyvern site. Aim to engage 15 students initially.

1. July 08

Parents and Wider Community

Mary, Mandy,

1. May 07

Parent Support Link & EBC will develop alcohol course modelled on `Responding to Drug Use in Your Community' , recruitment at Solomon workshop & from parents questionnaires & school newsletter.

Parents questionnaire - provide summary of results for all parents via schhol

Fist course to start Jan 08

July 07

Recruit Volunteers to support Friday night / After school activities

Peter, Parish Councils, Millennium Volunteers, SYA, James Coney

Agree support to local retailers to reduce underage sales

Jon Whale and Teresa Havell, HCC Trading Standards

Develop/agree recording system of number of arrests for drunkenness, number of alcohol confiscations and C12 notices issued; and number of young people (by postcode?) attending A/E with alcohol related problems