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Report to the

Date: 15 July 2008

Report by: Alison Linnell

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Subject: Regional Funding Allocation `Refresh' 2008

Purpose of the Report

This report outlines the content of the recent bid made to the Regional Transport Board for prioritisation of schemes for Regional Funding Allocation (RFA) from 2011-2018. This follows authority being given by the Joint Committee to submit appropriate funding bids. It sets out more details of the proposed interventions included within the two Transport Projects already prioritised, and goes on to outline additional bids for prioritisation of projects for RFA in the period 2016-2018.


That the Joint Committee endorses the recent bid for Regional Funding Allocation in the period from 2011 to 2018, and authorises officers to work with the South East England Regional Assembly in fine-tuning proposals over the coming months as necessary.


1. The South East England Regional Transport Board (RTB) identifies transport priorities for the region and advises Government on all aspects of delivery and implementation of major transport projects. The RTB prioritised key transport projects for the South East for the period 2006 to 2016 using a methodology based on data collected from local transport authorities. Priorities agreed by Government are contained in the Regional Transport Programme which contains 79 projects scheduled to start during 2006-16. Details of current projects are contained within the South East Transport Fact Book.

2. Currently prioritised schemes are separated into those to be implemented up to 2011, and those to be implemented in 2011-2016. Within the former category are Copnor Bridge Replacement, M27 junctions 11-12 climbing lanes, A3 Integrated Bus Priority Corridor (ZIP), and M27 junctions 3-4 widening. These projects are either completed or currently under construction.

3. Within the period 2011-2016 there are two further prioritised projects within the Transport for South Hampshire Area (TfSH) - the Southampton and South West Hampshire (covering the South West part of the TfSH sub-region) Transport Project (valued at £40 million) and the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire (covering the South East part of the TfSH sub-region) Transport Project (valued at £27 million).

4. Following publication of Government's Comprehensive Spending Review 2007, the regional transport programme has been extended from 2016 to 2018. The RTB has decided to undertake a `refresh' of the regional programme of investment priorities concluding with a submission to the Secretary of State later this year.

5. The refresh of the regional priorities is aimed at ensuring that the programme is robust and deliverable within the resources available via the Regional Funding Allocation. It will take into account any issues arising from the Panel's report of the Examination in Public of the draft South East Plan.

6. The RTB issued a new and refined questionnaire based on the region's experience to date in late March 2008. In particular this put more focus on:

7. At the meeting of the TfSH Joint Committee on 8 January 2008 (Item 7), it was agreed that authority be given by the Joint Committee to submit appropriate funding bids for sub-regional priority schemes when funding resources become available.

8. This report identifies interventions put forward by TfSH following discussions between the three transport authorities for prioritisation by the region between 2011-2018 and seeks the Joint Committee's endorsement. It also seeks authorisation for officers to work with the South East England Regional Assembly (SEERA) over the coming months to fine-tune proposals as necessary.

9. It is anticipated that the total available funding for the region as a whole will be around £150 million per annum for the period 2016-2018, with funds largely already allocated to prioritised schemes up to 2016.

Schemes prioritised for implementation between 2011-2016

10. Two projects in the TfSH area were prioritised for implementation between 2011-2016, namely the Southampton and South East Hampshire Transport Project (valued at £40 million) and the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Transport Project (valued at £27 million).

11. Further work has been carried out on each of these projects and RFA refresh forms have been submitted outlining additional details of proposals. For the Southampton and South West Transport Project a package of measures has been put forward focusing on improving public transport and sustainable travel measures along the eastern approach to the city via the A3024. In line with SEERA's requirements, separate refresh forms have been submitted for each individual intervention and also for the package as a whole. The individual elements include:

12. The Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Transport Project comprises the provision of a new junction on the M275 (Tipner Interchange) immediately south of M27 junction 12 including a bus lane on the M275 and bus priority improvements at Rudmore roundabout. This scheme is key to progressing the development of the brownfield site at Tipner.

Interventions put forward for the period 2016 -2018

13. In addition to submitting RFA refresh forms for projects already prioritised for the period up to 2016, bids were submitted for further packages of interventions to build on the former, improve access to Southampton, Portsmouth and the South Hampshire Strategic Employment Zone (SHSEZ), and facilitate access to the proposed Strategic Development Areas (SDAs) at North/North East Hedge End and North Fareham.

14. To build on the proposed interventions included within the Southampton and South West Hampshire Transport Project, two further interventions (separately and as a package) were proposed. These interventions are:

15. Put together these interventions allow development of the SDA at North/North East Hedge End, ensuring that adequate access is facilitated, particularly for sustainable forms of transport. It is envisaged that a new link road would connect the site to the M27 at junction 8 allowing connection to the Windhover Park and Ride site and other destinations. Bus priority measures would also be provided from the SDA to Southampton city centre, allowing direct sustainable access for new residents and improving public transport links for existing Hedge End residents.

16. To build on the prioritised proposals for improving access within the Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Project, RFA refresh forms were submitted for three schemes (individually and as a package), comprising:

17. These interventions build further on providing sustainable links from the proposed brownfield site at Tipner to Portsmouth City Centre and intercepting traffic from the M275 entering Portsmouth. In addition they provide the initial phases of the proposed BRT system to help tackle existing congestion problems and facilitate development by permitting sustainable access to the proposed SDA site at North Fareham.

18. A third package was also submitted to facilitate access to and development of SHSEZ. The intervention included:

19. To summarise, a total of three packages have been put forward for prioritisation in the period 2016-2018 with a total cost of £230 million and including a bid for £150 million of RFA funding. This needs to be seen in the context of total funding for the region as a whole of £300 million for this period.

20. Members are asked to endorse the RFA refresh bid made to SEERA and authorise officers to work with SEERA in fine-tuning these bids as necessary in the coming months.

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