Report for Information


Transport in the Community Scrutiny Review Monitoring Report

Presented to:

Environment and Transportation Select Committee

Presented by:

Director of Environment


20 January 2009

Contact name:

Peter Shelley


01962 847212



1) Purpose of Report:

2) Contextual Issues:

3) Community Transport Review (Recommendations; D, I, Ki, S, Vi, Vii)

4) Rural Transport Pilots (Recommendation L)

5) Passenger Transport Forums (Recommendation N)

6) Conclusions:

Rural Transport Pilots Update January 2009

Service Development and Support (New Forest)

This pilot is looking at ways of developing and supporting the transport provided by voluntary car schemes in the New Forest in order to see whether or not these schemes could provide more journeys in the future.

What has been done?

a) A series of meetings have been held with voluntary car schemes to explore what form support could take

b) Existing car scheme provision and activity largely mapped

c) Survey of volunteer drivers undertaken. Feedback will help to design future volunteer recruitment campaigns

Car-Free Tourism Lyndhurst (New Forest)

This pilot seeks to address travel barriers and reduce congestion for weekend visitors to Lyndhurst who wish to travel by rail.

What has been done?

a) Established a partnership with New Forest District Council, New Forest National Park Authority and South West Trains.

b) Achieved participation from local hoteliers, taxi operators and Wilts & Dorset Bus Company.

c) Launched a scheme for summer weekends which offers free travel for rail ticket holders on special shuttle buses on Sundays, by showing their rail ticket on local service buses on Saturdays, and provides taxi discount vouchers with hotel bookings for Friday nights.

d) Achieved a double page spread in the summer edition of South West Trains' on board magazine e-motion.

e) Arranged for leaflets and posters to be displayed at 45 railway stations.

f) Introduced bus priority and signage on the approach to Lyndhurst.

This pilot has now been completed and is currently being evaluated

Brokerage (Test Valley)

This pilot aims to ensure that people in Test Valley are aware of and able to access local retail at least once a week, make journeys to their local surgery or health centre and travel to the hospitals at Andover and Winchester.

What has been done?

a) A hospital shuttle bus between Winchester and Andover was introduced in June 2008 with partnership funding from Winchester & Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust, Test Valley Borough Council and Hampshire County Council.

b) A grant was given to Test Valley Community Services to purchase a single wheelchair accessible vehicle, which will operate in the northern part of Test Valley.

c) The feasibility of extending the existing dial-a-ride service to Andover and the surrounding parishes is being investigated.

d) Investigating the feasibility of the opportunity Travel Centre in the Passenger Transport Group taking over the organisation of the Adult and Children's Services social care transport in Test Valley.

Co-ordination and Vehicle Utilisation (East Hampshire)

This pilot is primarily concerned with improving the utilisation and efficiency of the existing non public transport resources in East Hampshire. In the longer term this could increase the capacity for additional journey opportunities.

What has been done?

a) Mapped existing transport services within the area

b) Discussed the pilot with the health trusts who have agreed to provide necessary trip data

c) Trial run of trip data collection undertaken with providers

d) Collected trip data from providers for two separate seven day periods using a pre designed template

e) Collated the information now being returned by providers and entered this into a database prior to mapping.

Community Based Information (Winchester)

This pilot aims to promote those services that are available locally, those which are brought to the community and those transport services which are available to take people to services beyond that community.

What has been done?

a) Two areas have been selected - the parish of Denmead and a group of parishes - Wickham, Shedfield and Swanmore.

b) Detailed before surveys have been completed for both areas to identify the public's awareness of existing services and sources of information. These have been analysed and reports produced on the results

c) Information leaflets for Denmead and the parishes of Wickham, Shedfield and Swanmore have been produced in conjunction with the local parish councils and circulated to each household

d) Follow-up public survey undertaken in Denmead to determine the effectiveness of the information leaflet. The data from this survey is currently being analyzed

e) Exploratory meetings have taken place to look at the feasibility of developing an electronic template to support any possible roll-out of this pilot.

Wheels To Work

The aim of this pilot is to combine the two existing wheels to work schemes in the New Forest and Test Valley into one scheme and then extend this to cover East Hampshire and Winchester.

What has been done?

a) Tendering process developed and implemented

b) Tenders now returned - first round tender evaluation has taken place with follow up interviews arranged for January 2009.

c) Subject to an acceptable tender and contributions being confirmed by partners, a new contract should commence early in spring 2009.

KI/January 2009