Development Activities

Development Activity Management Lead/SRO

Efficient & Flexible Crewing Project Board Dan Tasker/Dave Curry

Workforce Strategy

Management Information Project Board Neil Moore/Geoff Howsego

Part-Time Working Project Board Lorraine Hearnden/Steve Hamm

Workforce Wellbeing Strategy Board Various/Geoff Howsego

Regional Control Centre Project Board Ingrid Leonard/Alan House

Stand-by Allowances Project Board Lorraine Hearnden

Retained Duty System Strategy

(including Retained Management

System) Project Board Shaun Rowlatt/Geoff Howsego

Engagement & Participation Direct Management Shanti Waas/Geoff Howsego

Volunteers Direct management Steve Hamm

`Hydra' (Hydrants) Direct management Andy Kettle

Road Risk Group Working Group Andy Bowers

Co-responder Scheme Working Group Rob Cole/Bob Ratcliffe

Introduction of Hornbill (IT) Direct Management Neil Moore

Introduction of Hornbill (HR) Direct Management Peter Walsh

Talent Management Direct Management mark Rayner/Geoff Howsego

Rank to Role (Control) Working Group Lorraine Hearnden/Andy Kettle

Regional Investigation Team Direct Management Steve Quinn/Steve Hamm

Regional HazMat/DIM* Team Direct Management Pete Crook/Steve Hamm

Equality Standard for Local

Government Level 4 Direct Management Kathy Bowden-Ellis/Geoff Howsego

Diversity Liaison Officers Direct Management Ami Sidhu/Steve Pegler

National Animal Rescue Forum Direct Management Bob Ratcliffe

Review of Vacant Office Space Direct Management Bob Ratcliffe/Alan House

Review of Occupational Health

& Welfare Direct Management Keely Stafford/Geoff Howsego

Review of Fleet Management Project Board Elected Members

New Front Line Vehicles Project Team Andy Kettle/Dave Curry

Introducing Mobile Community

Contact Point Direct Management Mick Crennell

New Winchester Fire Station Project Board Bob Ratcliffe/David Howells

Community Self Help Programme Board Bob Ratcliffe/Dave Curry

Review of Delivery (Botley, etc) Programme Board Steve Hamm/Dave Curry

Water Safety Strategy Project Team Bob Ratcliffe

Equal Pay Working Group Lorraine Hearnden/Geoff Howsego

Social Media Direct Management Charlotte Woodward/Emma Apter

Directorate Review External Consultancy John Bonney

Operational Risk Information Direct Management Kev Butcher/Dave Curry

ICS Training Direct Management Mark Raven/Mark Rayner

New Fitness Standards Direct Management Jess Andrews/Keely Stafford

Devolved Budget Holding Trial Steve Pegler/ Wendy Lambert

* HazMat/DIM - Hazardous Materials/Detection, Identification and Monitoring