Documents for Meeting 25 September 2001 - Police Authority

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1aMinutes-Full AuthorityReport
1bMinutes-Councillor & Magistrates OnlyReport
 Chairmans Report
3Standards Committees - Appointments & ProceduresReport
4Police Authority's 2002/03 Precept NoticeReport
5Update-Media & Communications For HPAReport
6Consultation On Sentencing ReformReport
7Hampshire Indepenent Custody Visiting SchemeReport
7aHICVS-Home Officer Circular 15/2001Report
7aiCustody Visits To Police Station Jan-June 2001Report
7bHICVS-Operation Of The Scheme January-June, 2001Report
7biCustody Visiting Scheme Jan-June 2001Report
8Police And Support Staff StrengthReport
9Performance Indicators - First Quarter ReportReport
10Youth Justice And Criminal Evidence Act 1999Report
11Police National Computer Data QualityReport
12Police And Community Liasion GroupsReport
13Members-Attend Conferences/Meetings-Outside BodiesReport
13aOngoing Implications-Human Rights Act 12 July 2001Report
13bLaunch-Youth Justice Board's Annual Review 16/7/01Report
13cNCIS/NCS:National Consultation-ACPO& APA20/7/01Report
13dLaunch Of The Gender Agenda-21/08/01Report
13ePITO/ACPO/APA/IT Directors:IM Quartet ConferenceReport
13fCrime & Impact On Rural Communities 17,18,19/10/01Report
13gAPA Seminar -"People Matters" 23 Oct 2001Report
14Reports From Members/Officers Attending ConferenceReport
14aConference-Ongoing Implications-Human Rights ActReport
14bConference-Launch Of Gender Agenda-BirminghamReport
15Minutes - Meeting Of The Crime Prevention PanelReport
16Notes-Meeting-Community Affairs Steering GroupReport
17Minutes Of The Personnel PanelReport
17aMeeting Held On 31 July 2001Report
17bMeeting Held On 11 September 2001Report
18Minutes-Meeting Of The Financial Affairs PanelReport
19Minutes Of Meeting-B.V. & Perfomance Mgmt PanelReport

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