Documents for Meeting 12 December 2001 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Policy & Resources Budget Monitoring 01/02Report
2R&H Services Financial Impact Of Foot & MouthReport
3Capital Repairs-Revenue Maintanance & New DealReport
4Corporate Risk Assessment For The Built EstateReport
5Romsey SchoolReport
5aAppendix Romsey School Design Project AppraisalReport
5bRomsey School Extension (Design Project Appraisal)Report
6St Bede CE ( c ) Primary School Project AppraisalReport
6aSt Bede CE ( c ) Primary SchoolReport
6bAppendix St Bede CE ( c ) Project AppraisalReport
7Residential Properties-Review Of Rents In April 02Report
8Fort GilkickerReport
9Financial Assistance To Voluntary Organisations And Other BodiesReport
9aFinancial Assistance To Voluntary Organisations And Other Bodies-Financial PositionReport
9bFinancial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations & Other Bodies- Additional RequestReport
9cFinancial AssistanceReport
10Personal Development GrantsReport

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