Documents for Meeting 13 March 2002 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1County Treasurer's Business Systems Training TeamReport
2Best Value Reviews-Outcomes of Hants Transport Management,Registration&Catering ReviewsReport
2aAppendix 1-Registration ServiceReport
2bAppendix 2 -Transport Management Improvement PlanReport
2cAppendix 3 - Catering Services Imporvement PlanReport
3Salterns Cottage, Lymington-Proposed RebuildingReport
3aSalters Cottage,Lymington-SummaryReport
4Chandlers Ford Infant School Annexe,Kingsway,Chandlers Ford-DisposalReport
5Land at Warblington School & Fairfield Infant School,Havant-Potential In/Out Scheme DisposalReport
7Animal Welfare ConsultationReport
8County Council Appointment to the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Sports BoardReport
9County Council Representation on Explosion Museum Trust Board,Priddy's Hard, GosportReport
10Michael Austin Harlick Memorial Fund-Trophy GrantsReport
11Financial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations & Other BodiesReport
11aFinancial Assistance To Voluntary Organisations And Other Bodies-Financial PositionReport
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