Documents for Meeting 11 April 2002 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Capital Repairs Revenue Maintenance Budgets 2002/03Report
2aWarren Park Primary School, Havant-New Early Years Centre & Additional ClassroomReport
2bWarren Park Primary School-Project AppraisalReport
2cWarren Park Primary School-Design Project AppraisalReport
3aElvetham Heath Primary School, Fleet-New SchoolReport
3bElveth Heath Primary School-Project AppraisalReport
3cElvetham Heath Primary School-Design Project AppraisalReport
4aAlton Day Services-Relocation To New BuildingReport
4bAlton day Services-Design Project AppraisalReport
4cAlton Day Services-Design Project AppraisalReport
5Strategy For The Built Estate-Annual PlanReport
6Procurement InitiativesReport
7Capital Repairs & Revenue Mainenance Budgets 2001/02Report
8New Deal For Schools Condition FundingReport
9Customer Service & Performance ReviewReport
10Corporate Health & Safety Risk Assessment For The Built EstateReport
11Disability Discrimination Act - Progress ReportReport
12The Bark Store, Botley - Future UseReport
13Education Capital Programme IssuesReport
14Financial Assistance To Voluntary Organisations & Other BodiesReport
14(I)Support To Voluntary Organisations & Other BodiesReport
14(ii)The Danebury Trust - Support For Archaeological WorkReport
15Personal Development GrantsReport
15bPersonal Development GrantsReport
16Financial Assessments & Benefits TeamReport
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