Documents for Meeting 17 April 2002 - Environment Policy Review Committee (Renamed July 2006)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
2Down to Earth 2 Conference: OutcomesReport
3Project Integra Business Plan Incorporating The Joint Munical Waste Management Strategy UpdateReport
4A Strategy For The Household Waste Recycling Centre ServiceReport
5Best Value Review Of Policy Development In Environment GroupingReport
6RequestsByMembersForItemsToBeConsideredAt A FutureMeetingOfTheEnvironment Policy ReviewCtteeReport
6(i)LandForHousing:CurrentPractice&FutureOptions-AResearchPaperPreparedForTheJoseph RowntreeFoundationReport
6(ii)Local Bus Services - Proposed Service ChangesReport
7Environment Policy Review Committee - Forward PlanReport

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