Documents for Meeting 22 May 2002 - Fire & Rescue Authority

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
 Appointment of Chairman
 Appointment of Vice-Chairman
 Presentation on National Community Fire Safety Centre
7Minutes of Finance & General Purposes Committee - 24 April, 2002Report
 Chairman's Communications And Incidents of Interest
 Appointment of Committees, Deputies & Other Appointments
10Suggested Amendents To Standing OrdersReport
11Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare Progress ReportReport
12Arson Reduction & ConvictionsReport
13BT Systems Failure - 25 April, 2002Report
14Minutes of Personnel Committee - 3 April, 2002Report
15Minutes Of Best Value Committee - 3 April, 2002Report
16Minutes Of Standards Committee - 30 April, 2002Report
17Notes Of Fairness & Dignity Group - 18 April, 2002Report
18Notes Of Community Safety Task Force - 18 February, 2002Report
19(I)IGeneral Assembly - 2 July, 2002Report
19(ii)Annual Conference 3-5 July, 2002Report

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