Documents for Meeting 23 January 2003 - Executive Member for Education (Renamed May 2005)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Primary Schol Provision In The Buckskin Area Of BasingstokeReport
2Reveune Budget 2003/04Report
3Capital Programme 2003/04 - 2006/07Report
4aAdmissions - Determination Of Relevant AreasReport
4bAdmissions - Reconstruction oF Admission ForumReport
5OFSTED Action Plan - see Education PRC CtteeReport
6Early Years Development And Childcare Implementation PlanReport
7Glenwood School, EmsworthReport
8Advanced Schools Compared With Schools In Similar CircumstancesReport
9Henry Beaufort School, WinchesterReport
9aHenry Beaufort School - SummaryReport
9bHenry Beaufort - Project AppraisalReport
10Warblington Secondary School, HavantReport
10aWarblington School - SummaryReport
10bWarblington School - Project AppraisalReport
11Crookham Junior SchoolReport
11aCrookham - SummaryReport
11bCrookahm - Project AppraisalReport
12Netley Abbey Junior SchoolReport
12aNetley Abbey - SummaryReport
12bNetley Abbey - Project AppraisalReport
13Balksbury Infant School, AndoverReport
13aBaulksbury - SummaryReport
13bBaulksbury - Project AppraisalReport
14Minor Projects - Richard Aldworth Community School, BasingstokeReport

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