Documents for Meeting 25 March 2003 - Education Policy Review Committee (Renamed May 2005)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
5Lankhills (Osbourne) School: Closure Of Offsite Class At Toynbee SchoolReport
6Determination Of School Admission Arrangements 2004-2005Report
7Developers' Contributions Towards Education FacilitiesReport
8Behaviour Support Plan - MonitoringReport
9Covering Report To The Options Report Of Education Welfare Service Best Value ReviewReport
10First And Second Year Best Value ReviewsReport
10aBV ReportReport
10bBV ReportReport
10cBV ReportReport
10dBV ReportReport
10eBV ReportReport
10fBV ReportReport
10gBV ReportReport
10hBV ReportReport
10IBV ReportReport
10jBV ReportReport
10kBV ReportReport
10lBV ReportReport
11Revenue Budget Monitoring ReportReport
12Revision To HCC's Scheme Of Financial Mgmt For Schools And Formula Funding ChangesReport
13Review Of The Outdoor Education ServiceReport
14Members' QuestionsReport

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