Documents for Meeting 21 March 2003 - Executive Member for Social Care (Renamed May 2005)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Mental Health Section 31 Partnership AgreementReport
2Grants To Voluntary Bodies 2003/04Report
3Fostering, Adoption And Residence Allowence For 2003/04Report
4Fair Access To Care ServicesReport
4aAppendix 1Report
4bAppendix 2Report
4cAppendix 3Report
4ciAppendix 4Report
4ciiAppendix 5Report
5Exclusion Of The Press And PublicReport
6Authority To Negotiate Single Tenders - ConfidentialReport
7Contract For The Provision Of Secure Beds At Swanwick Lodge - ConfidentialReport
8Write-Off OF Irrecoverable Debts - ConfidentialReport
9Services For People With Learning Disablities - Section 28Aa TransferesReport
9a IItem 9a (i)Report
9a iiItem 9a (ii)Report
9b IItem 9b IReport
9b iiItem 9b iiReport
9b iiaItem 9b iiReport
9b iibItem 9b iiReport
9b iicItem 9b iiReport
9b iidItem 9b iiReport
9b iieItem 9b iiReport

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