Documents for Meeting 11 November 2004 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Financial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations and other Bodies - Decision SheetReport
1IFinancial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations and other Bodies -reportReport
1iiFinancial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations and other BodiesReport
2Personal Development Grants - Decision SheetReport
2IPersonal Development Grants - reportReport
3Minutes of Buidlings, Land and Procurement Panel - 19 October, 2004Report
3(I)South Hampshire Rapid TransportReport
3(ii)Fleet Town Centre ImprovementsReport
3(iii)Droxford Junior SchoolReport
3(iv)East Hampshire Special School, BordonReport
3(v)Risk Management Strategy for the Built EstateReport
3(vI)Procurement InitiativesReport
3(vii)Former Rookwood County Infant SchoolReport
3ixNursing Care Accommodation - Progress ReportReport
3viiiFormer Railway Station, GosportReport
3xSmoking and Passive Smoking IssuesReport
3xiStrategy for the Built Estate - Progress ReportReport
3xiiRevenue and Capital RepairsReport
3xiiiServices to SchoolsReport
3xivPrinciples of Rethinking ConstructionReport
3xixContracting MattersReport
3xvLand at Manydown, near BasingstokeReport
3xviDisability Discrimation Act Access Audits and Improvements StrategyReport
3xviiiCorporate ProcurementReport
3xviiiGypsy and Traveller ServicesReport
4Winchester Community Strategy Decision SheetReport
4IWinchester Community Strategy ReportReport
4iiWinchester Community Strategy - AppendixReport
5IT to Support Mobile Working in Hampshire County Council - Decision SheetReport
5IIT to Support Mobile Working in Hampshire County Council - reportReport
6Silchester Roman Town - Proposed Conservation Management Strategy - Decision SheetReport
6ISilchester Roman Town - Proposed Conservation Managemetn Plan - reportReport
7Education Capital Programme - Decision SheetReport
7IEducation Capital Programme - reportReport
8Comsumer Direct -Decision SheetReport
8IConsumer Direct - reportReport
9Local Democracy Week - Decision SheetReport
9ILocal Democracy Week - reportReport
10Older Persons Communication Campaign - Decision SheetReport
10IOlder Persons Communication Campaign - reportReport
11Freedom of Information Act - decision sheetReport
11IFreedom of Information Act - reportReport
12Appointment of County Council Representatives to Hampshire Buildings Preservation TrustReport
13Newtown Common, near Burghclere - Submission of Offer to Purchase - reportReport
13INewtown Common, near Burghclere - submission of offer to purchase - Decision SheetReport
14Exclusion of Press and PublcReport
15Former Worting Infant School, old Kempshott Lane, Basingstoke - Disposal and ReinvestmentReport
16Residential Properties - Review of Rents in April, 2005Report
17County Farms Estate rental write offReport
18Schedule of Routine TransactionsReport

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