Documents for Meeting 23 November 2004 - Pension Fund Panel

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Declarations of InterestReport
2Chairman's CommunicationsReport
5Government Consultation Papers - Retirement Benefit Options for the Local Government Pension SchemeReport
5Pension Fund Annual General MeetingReport
6Representation for District Councils and CitiesReport
7Hampshire Pension Fund - Review of Business Plan and TrainingReport
7Hampshire Pension Fund - Business PlanReport
8Manager's Fees and Transaction CostsReport
9Facing the Future-The Governments Consultation on New Look Local Gov Pension SchemeReport
10Draft Local Gov Pension Scheme & Management & Investment of Funds (amend) Regs 2005Report
11First Report of the Pensions CommissionReport
12Part-Time Pension Claims - UpdateReport
12(I)Appendix 1Report
12(ii)Appendix 2Report
12(iii)Appendix 3Report
13Exclusion of Press and PublicReport
14Comparison of Performance with Other Local Authority Pension Funds (Confidential)Report
15Property (ConfidentialReport
16Hedge Funds - Opportunity from Hermes Investment Management Ltd (Confidential)Report
17Acturial Valuation of the Pension Fund as at 31 March 2004 (Confidential)Report
18Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVC's) - Review of Arrangements (Confidential)Report
19Tenders for the Provision of Actuarial Services from April 2005 (Confidential)Report
20Independent Valuation of the Property Portfolio at 31 December 2004 (ConfidentialReport

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