Documents for Meeting 11 February 2005 - Cabinet

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Declarations of InterestReport
3Chairman's CommunicationsReport
5Revenue Budget and Precept 2005/06 - Decision SheetReport
5.1Revenue Budget and Precept 2005/06 - ReportReport
5.1aPreface to AppendicesReport
5.1bAppendix 2Report
5.1cAppendix 3Report
5.1dAppendix 3 - Annex aReport
5.1eAppendix 4 - Annex aReport
5.1fAppendix 5Report
5.1gAppendix 6Report
5.1hAppendix 8aReport
5.1iAppendix 8bReport
5.1jAppendix 9Report
5.1kAppendix 10Report
5.1lAppendix 10 - Annex aReport
5.1mAppendix 11Report
5.1nAppendix 12Report
5.1oAppendix 13Report
6Capital Programme 2005/06 to 2008/09 - Decision SheetReport
6.1Capital Programme 2005/06 to 2008/09 - ReportReport
7Balance of Funding Review : Progress - Decision SheetReport
7.1Balance of Funding Review : Progress - ReportReport
8Government Consultation on Three-Year Revenue and Capital Settlements - Decision SheetReport
8.1Government Consultation on Three-Year Revenue and Capital Settlements - ReportReport
9Framework for Delivering Efficiency Savings - Decision SheetReport
9.1Framework for Delivering Efficiency Savings - ReportReport

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