Documents for Meeting 18 February 2005 - Executive Member for Community Development and Regeneration (Ceased May 2005)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Community Strategy Budget - Bids for Funding Decision SheetReport
1aCommunity Budget - Bids for Funding ReportReport
1bFunding Form 1 - HartReport
1cFunding Form 2 - Hampshire Strategic PartnershipReport
1dFunding Form 3 - Hampshire Strategic PartnershipReport
1eFunding Form 5 - Innovation Forum ProjectReport
1fFunding Form 6 - Database for Crime DisorderReport
1gAppendix B - Funding Criteria for the Community Strategy Grants BudgetReport
1hAppendix A - Schedule of FundingReport
1IFunding Form 4 - Rushmoor Strategic PartnershipReport
1mRusmoor Role ProfileReport

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