Documents for Meeting 08 June 2005 - Regulatory Committee A

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Declarations of InterestReport
3Chairman's CommunicationsReport
4Members QuestionsReport
6Claim for the Addition to the Definative Map of a Bridleway in the Parish of Corhampton/MeonstokeReport
7Addition to the Definative Map of a Bridleway Between Boarhunt Footpath No.1 and Hundred AcresReport
8Variation of Planning Permission to Extend the Hours of Working at Star Hill Waste Transfer FacilityReport
9Proposed Asbestos Waste Transfer Station at Merryhill House, Budds Lane, RomseyReport
10Change of Use from a Scrapyard to a Waste Transfer Station at Pegham Industrial Estate, FuntleyReport
11Refurbishment of Existing Junior and Infanct School at Waterside Primary School, HytheReport
12Drain and Raise Ground to Form a Naturally Undulating Sward at Rushcroft, Mount Pleasant Lane, SwayReport
13Site Liaison PanelsReport

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