Documents for Meeting 11 July 2005 - Policy & Resources Scrutiny and Select Committee (Renamed June 2006)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Declarations of InterestReport
3Chairman's CommunicationsReport
4Members' QuestionsReport
6Climate Change and the County Council's LandholdingsReport
7Local Government Association Consultations: Leading the Way to Better Use of Material ResourcesReport
8Final Accounts 2004/05Report
8.Final Accounts 2004/05 - ReportReport
8.1Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 1Report
8.2Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 2Report
8.3Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 3Report
8.4Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 4Report
8.4.1Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 4 (Annex1)Report
8.4.2Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 4 (Annex2)Report
8.5Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 5Report
8.6Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 6Report
8.7Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 7Report
8.7.1Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 7 (Annex )Report
8.8Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 8Report
8.9Final Accounts 2004/05 - Appendix 9Report
9.1Monitoring of Complaints and Compliments - Chief Executive'sReport
9.2Monitoring of Complaints and Compliments - County Treasurer'sReport
9.3Monitoring of Complaints and Compliments - Property, Business and Regulatory ServicesReport
9.4Monitoring of Complaints and Compliments - Human ResourcesReport
10Equality and Diversity PerformanceReport
10.1Equality and Diversity Performance - Appendix 1Report
10.2Equality and Diversity Performance - Appendix 2Report
11Regulatory Services - Service Plan 2005/06Report
11.1Regulatory Services - Service Plan 2005/06 - Appendix 1Report
12Community Safety Service - Progress Report and Options for the FutureReport
13ICT Annual ReportReport
14.1Programme of Best Value ReviewsReport
14.2Programme of Best Value Reviews - Appendix 4Report

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