Documents for Meeting 14 September 2005 - Fire & Rescue Authority

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Members' QuestionsReport
6Chairman's CommunicationsReport
7Activity ReportReport
8Regional Management Board UpdateReport
8aRegional Management Board Update - Appendix 1Report
8bRegional Management Board Update - Appendix 2Report
8cRegional Management Board Update - Appendix 3Report
8dRegional Management Board Update - Appendix 4Report
9Comprehensive Performance Assessment 2005Report
9aComprehensive Performance Assessment 2005 - Appendix 1Report
9bComprehensive Performance Assessment 2005 - Appendix 2Report
10Presentations to the AuthorityReport
10aIntegrated Risk Management PlanReport
10bVisit to Chile by Divisional Officer Mick JohnsReport
11Introduction of Core Values: Results of ConsultationReport
11aIntroduction of Core Values: Results of Consultation - Appendix 1Report
12Local Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution ConsultationReport
12aLocal Government Finance Formula Grant Distribution Consultation - Appendix 1Report
13Programme of Future MeetingsReport
13aProgramme of Future Meetings - Appendix 1Report
14aMinutes of Performance Review Committee - 15 June 2005Report
14bMinutes of Performance Review Committee - 7 September 2005Report
15Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Committee - 26 July 2005Report
16Minutes of Governance Committee - 26 July 2005Report
17aMinutes of Human Resources Committee - 10 June 2005Report
17bMinutes of Human Resources Committee - 8 September 2005Report
18Exclusion of the Press and PublicReport
19HFRA Grievance AppealReport

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