Documents for Meeting 22 May 2006 - Cabinet

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
4Chairman's CommunicationsReport
6Annual Equality & Diversity Performance Reprot - decision sheetReport
6.1Annual Equality & Diversity Performance - ReportReport
6.2Appendix 1Report
6.3Appendix 2Report
6.4Appendix 3Report
7Review of the Corporate Strategy 2006-2009 - decision sheetReport
7.1Review of the Corporate Strategy 2006-2009 - reportReport
8Adult Services - decision sheetReport
8.1Adult Services - reportReport
8.2Appendix 1Report
8.3Appendix 1aReport
8.4Appendix 1bReport
8.5Appendix 1cReport
8.6Appendix 1dReport
9Hampshire Rural Pathfinder - decision sheetReport
9.1Hampshire Rural Pathfinder - reportReport
10Exclusion of the Press and PublicReport
11Developing the Structure of Adult Services - decision sheetReport

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