Documents for Meeting 16 June 2006 - Fire - Performance Review and Scrutiny Committee

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Recommendations and Actions Arising from Internal Audit ReportsReport
5.iAppendix 1 - Audit Action Plan: Completed ActionsReport
5.iiAppendix 2 - Audit Action Plan: Ongoing ActionsReport
5.iiiAppendix 3 - Audit Action Plan: Outstanding ActionsReport
5.ivAppendix 4 - Annual Audit Plan 2006/07Report
6Best Value Performance Indicators and Local Performance IndicatorsReport
6.iAppendix - Workshop IndicatorsReport
7Best Value Review of Partnership ArrangementsReport
8Best Value Review: Service Level Agreements - Support Services Provided by Hampshire County CouncilReport

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