Documents for Meeting 16 June 2006 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1aFinancial Assistance to Voluntary Organisations and Other Bodies - DSReport
2aPersonal Development Grant - DSReport
3aPinewood Infant School, FarnboroughReport
3bSwanwick Lodge Secure UnitReport
3cRisk Management for the Built EstateReport
3dRisk Management for the Built Estate - Managing The Backlog Of Repairs and MaintenanceReport
3eCorporate Procurement Progress ReportReport
4aMarine Bill - County Council Response - DSReport
4bMarine Bill - County Council Response - reportReport
5aChildren's Services Capital Programme Issues - DSReport
5bChildren's Services Capital Programme Issues - reportReport
6aProposal to invest in Cricklade Theatre, "The Lights" Andover - DSReport
6bProposal to invest in Cricklade Theatre, "The Lights" Andover - reportReport
7aOutside Body Appointment - Manydown Joint Development Committee (JDC) - DSReport
8Exclusion of the Press and PublicReport
9aNuance Global House, Eastleigh - DSReport
10Merton Rise, Basingstoke - Progress Update - DSReport
11Proposed borrowing under the Prudential Code for Capital Finance - Swanwick Lodge Secure Unit - DSReport
12Financial Assistance for Talented Young People in Sport - DSReport
13Michael Austin Memorial Fund - Trophy Grants - DSReport
14Schedule of Routine Transactions - DSReport
15Staffing Issue - Director of Children's Services - DSReport
16Staffing Issue - Director of Adult Services - DSReport

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