Documents for Meeting 14 September 2006 - Executive Member for Recreation, Heritage and Communities (renamed June 2009)

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1.iBasing House, Grange Farm - Decision SheetReport
1.iiBasing House, Grange Farm - ReportReport
2.iThe National Archives Standard for Record Repositories - Decision SheetReport
2.iiThe National Archives Standard for Record Repositories - ReportReport
3.iRevenue Funding Arts Organisation Process - Decision SheetReport
3.iiRevenue Funding Arts Organisation Process - ReportReport
4.iFinance and Performance Monitoring 2006/07 - Decision SheetReport
4.iiFinance and Performance Monitoring 2006/07 - ReportReport
5.iArts Development Partnership Funding 2006/07 - Decision SheetReport
5.iiArts Development Partnership Funding 2006/07 - ReportReport
6.iCommunity Buildings Fund 2006/07 - Decision SheetReport
6.iiCommunity Buildings Fund 2006/07 - ReportReport
7.iRecreation and Heritage Annual Report 2006/07 - Decision SheetReport
7.iiRecreation and Heritage Annual Report 2006/07 - ReportReport
8Exclusion of the Press and PublicReport
9Hampshire Sculpture Trust Continued Funding (Exempt)Report
10Treadgolds Museum, Bishop Street, Portsmouth - Future Strategy (Exempt)Report

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