Documents for Meeting 07 November 2006 - SACRE - Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
4Chairman's CommunicationsReport
6Cowplain School's Self-Evaluation of RE and KS3 RE ProgrammeReport
7SACRE Monitoring of School Self-Evaulation of REReport
7.iSACRE Monitoring of School Self-Evaulation of RE - AppendixReport
8.iGCSE Results 2006Report
8.iiGCSE Results 2006 - AppendixReport
9.iSACRE Annual Report - ReportReport
9.iiSACRE Annual Report - Annual ReportReport
9.iiiSACRE Annual Report - Appendix 1Report
9.ivSACRE Annual Report - Appendix 2Report
9.vSACRE Annual Report - Appendix 3Report
9.viSACRE Annual Report - Appendix 4Report
9.viiSACRE Annual Report - Appendix 5Report
10Young People's Inter-Faith ProjectReport
11Date of Next MeetingReport

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