Documents for Meeting 13 December 2006 - Fire & Rescue Authority

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Members' QuestionsReport
6Chairman's CommunicationsReport
7Integrated Risk Management Plan Consultation Feedback (Presentation)Report
8Activity ReportReport
9Minutes of the Finance and General Purposes Committee held on 26 October, 2006Report
9aAppendix - Budget Position 2006/07 (Report)Report
9a.Annex - Budget Position 2006/07 (Appendix)Report
9bAppendix - Asset Management Group Meeting of 16 october, 2006Report
9cAppendix - HQ Development Phase 2 - Provision of New Vehicle Workshops BuildingsReport
9dAppendix - Firebuy Proposal to Create a Fire and Rescue Services Mutual Insurance CompanyReport
9eAppendix - Transitional Allowances Arising from the Cessation of the Day-Crewing Duty SystemReport
9fAppendix - Vehicle Replacement Programme 2007/08 to 2009/10Report
10Draft Budget 2007/08Report
10aAppendix 1 - Calculation of the Base BudgetReport
10bAppendix 2 - Outline Base Budget 2007/08 - 2009/10Report
10cAppendix 3 - Levels of Reserves and General Balance 2007/08 Risk AnalysisReport
10eAppendix 4 - Existing Commitments and proposed Capital Programme 2007/08 - 2009/10Report
11"Strong and Prosperous Communities" - Local Government White PaperReport
12South East Fire and Rescue Services Regional Management Board - UpdateReport
13Regional Control Centre: Local Authority Controlled Company (LACC) Governance ArrangementsReport
13aAppendix 1 - LACC Governance ArrangementsReport
13bAppendix 2 - LACC Governance ArrangementsReport
13cAppendix 3 - LACC Governance ArrangementsReport
14Review of the Existing HFRA Members' Allowances SchemeReport
14aAppendix 1 - Minutes of the Independent Remuneration Panel of 2 November 2006Report
14bAppendix 2 - Members' Allowances and Expenses Guidance Note 2006/07Report
14cAppendix 3 - Extracts from other Comparable Fire Authorities' Members' Allowance SchemesReport
15Minutes of the Performance Review Committee held on 12 September 2006Report
16Minutes of the Governance Committee held on 29 September 2006Report
17Minutes of the Human Resources Committee held on 1 December 2006Report
17aAppendix - Transitional Allowances Arising from the Cessation of the Day-Crewing Duty SystemReport
17bAppendix - Disability Equality SchemeReport
17cAppendix - Firefighter Pension SchemesReport
18Notes of the HFRS Community Fire Safety Strategic Steering Group held on 8 September 2006Report
19LGA Annual Fire Conference - 13 and 14 March 2007, PeterboroughReport

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