Documents for Meeting 17 September 2008 - Fire & Rescue Authority

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Members' QuestionsReport
6Chairman's CommunicationsReport
7Activity ReportReport
8Fire and Rescue National Framework 2008-2011Report
9Fire and Rescue Service Plan 2009-2012: Proposed Corporate Objectives and Consultation StrategyReport
9.1Appendix 1Report
9.2Appendix 2Report
9.3Appendix 3Report
10National Indicator Set and Local Area AgreementsReport
11South East Regional Management Board UpdateReport
12Regional Control Centre - Update (Presentation)Report
13Progress Report Re: Portsmouth - Community Contact PointReport
14National Equality and Diversity Strategy for Fire and Rescue ServicesReport
15South East Employers Charter for Elected Member DevelopmentReport
16Standards Committee and Sub-Committees: Proposed Terms of ReferenceReport
16.1Appendix 1Report
17Scheme of Delegation to Officers - AmendmentReport
18Strategic Risk RegisterReport
18.1Appendix 1Report
19Minutes of the Standards CommitteeReport
19.117 June 2008Report
19.212 September - To FollowReport
20Minutes of the Performance Review and Scrutiny CommitteeReport
20.118 June 2008Report
20.22 September 2008 - To FollowReport
21Budget Monitoring Report 2008/09: Building Works at Southsea Fire StationReport
21.1Appendix 1Report
21.1AAppendix 1A - Available on RequestReport
21.1BAppendix 1B - Available on RequestReport
21.1CAppendix 1CReport
22Minutes of Finance and General Purposes Committee - 19 June 2008Report
23Minutes of the Governance Committee - 26 June 2008Report
24Minutes of the Human Resources Committee - 4 July 2008Report
25Schedule of HFRA and HFRA Committee Meetings 2009Report
26LGA Annual Fire Conference: 10 and 11 March 2008Report

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