Documents for Meeting 20 November 2008 - County Council

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for AbsenceReport
2Declarations of InterestReport
5Chairman's CommunicationsReport
6Leader's ReportReport
7Questions Under Standing Order 20 (b) (i)Report
8Appointments - ProportionalityReport
9Fluoridation of Water SuppliesReport
9.1Appendix - Report of the Water Fluoridation PanelReport
9.1iAppendix 1Report
9.1iiAppendix 2Report
9.1iiiAppendix 3Report
9.1ivAppendix 4Report
9.1vAppendix 5Report
10Members Allowances Scheme 2009/10Report
10.1Members Allowances Scheme 2009/10 - Supplementary ReportReport
10.1iMembers Allowances Scheme 2009/10 - Supplementary Report - AppendixReport
11Standards Committee Terms of ReferenceReport
12Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 - Change to the ConstitutionReport
13Notice of Motion - Sustainable Communities Act 2007Report
14Hampshire Police AuthorityReport
15Hampshire Fire and Rescue AuthorityReport
16Executive and Committee ReportsReport
16aThe Cabinet/LeaderReport
16a.1South East PlanReport
16a.2County Council Response to Policing Green PaperReport
16a.3The South East Hampshire Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)Report
16a.4New Forest National Park Plan and New Forest National Park Recreation Management StrategyReport
16a.5Consultation on Reform of the Local Authority Business Growth Incentives (LABGI) SchemeReport
16bExecutive Member for Recreation, Heritage and CommunitiesReport
16cExecutive Member for Adult Social CareReport
16dHealth Overview and Scrutiny CommitteeReport
16eExecutive Member for EnvironmentReport
16fExecutive Lead Member for Children's Services (Education) & Executive Member for Children & FamiliesReport

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