Documents for Meeting 09 December 2008 - Executive Member for Policy & Resources

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1aProject Appriasal : Valley Park to Hiltingbury Cycles - Baddesley BridgeReport
1bProject Appraisal: Valley Park to Hiltingbury cycles - Baddesley BridgeReport
2aCommunity Grants - Policy and ResourcesReport
2bCommunity Grants - Policy & ResourcesReport
3aCommunity Strategy BudgetReport
3bCommunity Strategy BudgetReport
4aMusic and Dance awardsReport
4bMusic and Dance AwardsReport
5aRevised Dance Bursary SchemeReport
5bRevised Dance Bursary schemeReport
6aProgress Review: Financial Systems TrainingReport
6bProgress Review : Financial Systems trainingReport
7aResidential Properties - Review of RentsReport
7bResidential Properties - Review of rentsReport
8Exclusion of Press and PublicReport
9Marchwood ERF - Agreeing Costs of Architectural Enhancement following construction (exempt)Report
10Fort Nelson, Portsdown Hill, Fareham (exempt)Report
11Multi media web content (exempt)Report
12Tesco Quay Street, Fareham (exempt)Report
13Woodend/Copse Hill, Shepherds Row, Andover (exempt)Report
14Schedule of Routine Transactions (exempt)Report
15Exempt Staffing MatterReport

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