Documents for Meeting 15 October 2009 - Executive Lead Member for Children's Services

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Hampshire Children's Trust - Development Local PartnershipsReport
1.1Hampshire Children's Trust - Decision RecordReport
2Children's Services Department - 2009/10 Revenue Budget Monitoring - Period 5 (End of August 2009)Report
2.1Appendix - Period 5 (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)Report
2.3Appendix - Business Unit Reserves (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)Report
2.4Appendix - Savings PlanReport
2.5Revenue Budget Monitoring - Decision RecordReport
2aAppendix - Activity Data Set (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)Report
2bAppendix - Activity Data Set (AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)Report
2cAppendix - Activity Led BudgetsReport
2dAppendix - Staff in PostReport
3Children's Services Capital Programme IssuesReport
3.1Appendix - School Sustainable Travel GrantsReport
3.2Appendix - Youth Capital FundReport
3.3Appendix - Actions of Director of Children's Services 2009/10Report
3.4Children's Services Capital Programme Issues - Decision RecordReport
4Grants from Children's Services Integrated Grant and Extended Services 2009/10Report
4.1Grants from Children's Services - Decision RecordReport
5Review of School Places and Organisation at Barncroft Infant and Junior Schools, HavantReport
5.1.aAppendix - Governors MeetingReport
5.1.bAppendix - Public MeetingReport
5.1.cAppendix - Staff MeetingReport
5.2Appendix - May Meetings and Drop-in SessionsReport
5.3Appendix - List of ConsulteesReport
5.4Appendix - ConsultationReport
5.5Review of School Places and Organisation - Decision RecordReport
6Consultation on the Future of Chineham Park Primary SchoolReport
6.1Consultation on the Future of Chineham Park School - Decision RecordReport
7The Revised SACRE ConstitutionReport
7.1The Revised SACRE Constitution - Decision RecordReport
7aAppendix - SACRE ConstitutionReport
8Appointment to Outside BodiesReport
8.1Appointment to Outside Bodies - Decision RecordReport
9Appointments to Adoption and Fostering PanelsReport
9.1Appointments to Adoption and Fostering PanelsReport
10Brune Park Community College, GosportReport

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