Documents for Meeting 20 November 2009 - Pension Fund Panel

Agenda ItemDocument NameDocument Type
1Apologies for absenceReport
2Declarations of interestReport
4Chairman's communicationsReport
5Pension Fund Annual General Meeting 2009Report
6Pension Fund - Scheme of DelegationReport
7Training PlanReport
8Review of the Pension Fund's Business PlanReport
9Review of the Pension Fund's Statement of Investment PrinciplesReport
10Review of the Pension Fund's Funding Strategy StatementReport
11Review of the Pension Fund's Governance Policy and Governance Compliance StatementReport
12Communication StatementReport
13Admission Bodies Action PlanReport
14Economic and Financial BackgroundReport
15Exclusion of the Press and PublicReport
16Investement Matters - update including recent performance returns (exempt)Report
17Property Portfolio - update (exempt)Report
18Alternative Investments Portfolio - update (exempt)Report
19Managers' fees and transaction costs in 2008/09 (exempt)Report
20Comparisons with other Local Government Pension Scheme fundsReport
21Future of the UK equities portfolioReport
22Inveting in emerging markets and goldReport
23Risk management of the Pension Fund's investment arrangementsReport
24Pension Fund representatives and appointment of an independent adviserReport

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